Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Eventual Events

First, on the Frankszonia blog, I've updated the lists and profiles of folks who are supporting the Elector versus Gallia inside Frankszonia.

About this time,Baron Wiffen Fhartz von Inkblot zu Grossen and General Braunschweiger should show up in the Germanian headquarters seeking an audience with the Elector and the duke of Hesse Seewald.

Also, while Gen. Broglie and the Intendant Bastille are in conference, they are interrrupted by a commotion. An officer barges into the room with a sergeant and an old Moustache. The enlisted men's uniforms are spattered with blood.

"Report!" barks Broglie.
"Sire" the officer salutes clumsily, "there's been an poison attempt. These clods killed the poisoner before we could question him."
"Pour Certament!" exlaims Bastille.
"No! No!" the Moustache pleads.
"Sire!" the sergeant complains, "we caught him in the act of dosing the officer's mess kettle. We took him alive in spite of his struggles, but as we were forcing him into the hall, his blood suddenly spurted all over us. None of my men had so much as drawn a bayonet!"
"This note was found upon the assasin, my Lords," the officer contiued.
Gen. Broglie takes the scrap and reads, "Die Reine geffallen am der Main."

Bastille chokes for a moment as he wonders, is this the hand of the infamous Stille Fhartz or another nefarious bit of Frankszonian politics?

Meanwhile, the Hurtshog with his main forces is almost a day's march to the northwest, approaching Ginnheim. They hope to disperse the concentration of Resistance, Cheezers, and Hang Overians who are in an entrenched camp in the woods near Russelheim.

Known Friends of Germania and Hesse Seewald in Frankszonian Circles

Given the approach of the Hesse Seewald forces to within a good day's march of Frankfurter, the list of leaders of the anti-Gallian faction becomes more important.
The first part of the list are the relatives who have been assigned by the family to represent and to defend the family interests in the camp of the other side ...

* Cousins:

ReichsHerr Stille Fhartz ... a Germanian sympathizer and political intriguer who employs silent but deadly assasins.

Baron Wiffen Fhartz von Inkblot zu grossen: an elderly cousin who has been selected to become the position holder in case of Germanian victory at Frankfurt.

Hauptman Eyewassher Fhartz von Inkblot zu Grossen: son of the Baron. Nimble and a good ballroom dancer whose coup de oeil seems to apply more to the boudoir than to the battlefield.

Graf Ick Fhartz von Putterin: A scholar and horse breeder whose specialty is not causing trouble for anybody stronger than himself.

Baron Keine Fhartz von Baumb Middle aged, exitable and irrascible. His fortune derived from being a silent partner in several breweries.

* Pro - Germanian Military defectors:

* Lt. Gen. Pepperoni (an immigrant Italian family, very fussy ... Not from Salamis, which I think
is a Grecian town, but has family connections with Bologna ... ); Just promoted to command the
Wiener Front. (Now deserted to “Elector” forces)
* General Braunsweiger (1) (a Deli-ight of the Brand Name Burgers Alliance, considered an
expert in combined arms operations, but often is kept in fixed fortifications where - tho highly
successful - his units often get sliced quite thinly). (now deserted to Germania, as he is a fan of all things from Bar Line. He may have good knowledge of Frankfurter’s fortifications ).

** leaders of the anti-Gallian nobles ...
which may be of interest to neighbors as they're seeking to hire mercs:
* Hans Muckiethaler: evil banker who is generating instability hoping to be able to control the stadt bundt if the Duchy falls.
* Sagehunde Thyme, Graf von Eischerheim: elderly but vigorous veteran, will be the C.O. of the noble resistance.
* Oberst Weis Parsliegh: brave, honorable, smart ... the white knight of the noble resistance.
* Lady Rosen Mariah: the fiery young beauty who seems to be the unacknowledged princess of the resistance.
* Oberst Von Trollop: commander of the various companies of cuirassiers who have gathered in the nobles’ resistance.
* Graf V, Pfalz: has raised an infantry regiment, publically to be a Freikorps, actually as part of resistance.
* V, Fisch: Leads the Fisch Freircorps. Relatives to the well traveled Lord and Lady Fischer from Britischerwrust.
* V. Graphk: Leads the Graphk Cuirassiers, composed primarily of retired and semi retired gentry, widely known for their colorful outfit and language.

Monday, October 20, 2008


The lair of that fiend, Roquefort ...

Fiendish Flags

Perhaps its time to post the flags for the Cheezey Faction.
First, the Cheezey flag, of course:

Then the flag for Limburger:

Thursday, October 16, 2008

the 3 "R's": Ribaldry, raiding, rioting

Since a recent inquiry was made into the nature of higher education in Frankszonia, we offer these insights ....

While Frankszonia has its university, inherited from the Dark Ages it seems (especially when one considers the curriculum), the Hurtshog Fahrtz uses it primarily for training cadets in engineering, mapping, and staff work. Of course, it also produces a useful crop of lawyers and courtiers for those rare times of Imperial council and coronation ...
Otherwise, he's focusing his efforts at developing apprenticeship programs among the trade guilds and importing artisans of new industries ...
speaking of which, in addition to the ceramics, sausages, and foundry, I've decided to invest in bookbinding and printing efforts (after all the major book fair of Europe is held in Frankfurt).
l'Comte de Beauphaup ....