Thursday, November 29, 2007

Note from the Hurtshog Fahrtz to l'Intendant Bastille

We apologize for recent impressment of several of your Gallian laborers into the forces of Frankszonia. After interviewing your straw bosses, however, it seems that the number so encumbered is only about a hundred or so, barely 20% of your work force. Since we have a sufficient number of skilled personnel in our debtor's prison, we would gladly permit them to be dragooned into your service for your projects in this area.

Please understand that this was not an intentional intervention, the press gangs were looking for mechanics and laborers, and in the low class inns at night, such distinctions are quite easy to ignore. Our own native labor pool has suffered much higher stress from the current crisis also. So the employment of these artisans by your foremen would ease a number of local political stresses.

Surely you are pleased with the quiet redeployment of Frankszonian main forces to the south. While we've retained some key units for our personal and urban security, we feeel that the Gallian muster in the area is sufficient to sustain order on the right bank of the Main.
\Our scouts have gathered information that implies that the Vile Stagonian force which recently struck us at Offenbach has redeployed to the south east, apparently planning to join in the Stagonian violation of peaceful Tipple=Bruder. In spite of the treacherous acquiesence of the Offenbach leaders in the Vile Stagonian duplicity, we feel that to support the Soweiter League and its associates is the best policy for an Imperial Frei Stadt. Therefore, our forces will again advance on Offenbach to see if this might draw back the Stagonian Brigade from their depredations in the Odin Wald.

Meanwhile, the battalions which so bravely held the Hesse-Sewald assault are being rebuilt at our outpost across the Main from Offenbach. While there, they are constructing earthworks sufficient for a battery of heavy artillery sufficient to reach across the river to the Offenbach docks.

While our officers are dismayed over the recent turn of international diplomacy, as an Imperial Frei Stadt not holding a distinct and explicit treaty of alliance with Gallia, we are compelled for the time being to withhold further direct assistance of your brave heroes. By the Imperial agreement, Frankszonia is no longer an enemy of Hesse Seewald. It is our sincere hope, however, that the Gallian Foreign Minister will soon rectify this rather embarrassing encumbrance with a sufficient instrument of friendship which acknowledges us as an autonomous entity.

Meanwhile, an anti-Stagonian alliance has arisen all over the continent. Indeed, we expect to hear of a major clash in the region of Tipple-Bruder as soon as the weather clears enough to permit movement.

Meanwhile, let us toast the honor and vigour of our cousin, your Gallian Monarch!

Herr Stanken, Hurtshog Fahrtz von Frankfurter
by the hand of le Comte de Beauphaup ...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Tides on the Main ....

Frankszonian forces continue to assemble in the Saxenhausen area south of Frankfurt. At Offenbach, however, the citizens notice that across and slightly down river from their town, large gun emplacements are under construction.
These do not appear, at the moment, to be Frankszonian units, but rather small units of local Stadtholders ....

In Frankszonia itself, rumors abound that the recent catastrophe at Offenbach was the result of secret collusion between Stagonia and Gallia. Folks around the Hurtshog's court, however, insist that such a conspiracy is "too Cheezy". Somehow this does not reassure the mechanics, who resent the presence of Gallian laborers in their area.

Nonetheless, a force of some four to six thousand men is definitely gathering south of the Main along with its normal gaggle of camp followers.

stumbling along

Been a tad ill lately, so the blog has suffered.
However, I'd recommend you all go to the Empire vs Elector blog to get connections to several quite lovely accounts (and photographs) of the nice battle at Offenbach.

Further developments now coming in ...

Frankszonian forces moving into Saxenhousen area south of Frankfurter, sending out scouts looking for the Stagonian column which they lately faced.

An alliance is forming in and around Tipple-Bruder to face another Stagonian column in the sodden November weather in the Wodenwald ....

(for which I'm feverishly trying to paint 72 figs for the Stagonians ... might not get done in time).

More later, probably next week ...