Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Intelligence? from the Kingdom of St. Maurice ...

Even though an ice storm worse than any in memory has ravaged the forests and pinned Frankszonian forces in place for over two weeks, clearing weather has permitted road repairs and travel to resume. The Hurtshog's intelligence services reported this event ...

Ye Gods and Little Fishes!!" His Majesty lept to his feet, instantly dropping the lady Irmintraut ignobly to the floor. He has just received the formal complaint, delivered by Col Brattman, with his usual aplomb. "Do these cabbage-eaters seriously believe that a few itinerate zombies loitering about and having a little fun seriously constitutes a raid? We of St. Maurice have more serious concerns than to pick fights with lessers." He immediately handed over the colonel for a complementary proctology examination, and has dispatched General Blase, le Comte du Monte Python, along with a detatchment of the Kilbasa Lancers, to Frankszonia, to make clear His Majesty's displeasure over this while affair, and to indicate in no uncertain terms that the disruption of St. maurician commerce will not be tolerated. After all, the sale of 18th century action figures and other useless baubles is critical to the income of the realm. More as it develops.

The Hurtshog, knowing that his subjects continue to suffer and anxious over the welfare of isolated farmsteads in the broken forests, is extremely irritated by this report. "So, Maurice is going to try to intimidate us ... by claiming that it can't control zombies?!?" The Hurtshog snorts. "As soon as we can manuever some infantry support and light guns into the area, inform the cavalry officers that they are authorized to pursue these raiders across the border!"

The Burger Master steps forward, "Perhaps, Sire," he begins diffidently, "these Gallians around the Intendant would be happy to import their Parisan knick knacks and figurines duty free until the Kingdom of St. Maurice assumes a more reasonable attitude?"
"That's an idea," the Hurtshog concedes, "but I'd hate to disappoint the Urprinz. He's just old enough to like those action figures. We'll wait till young Hillegekiene makes his official report before holding a formal council on this."

Amid the mounting tensions, General Nathan begins to review the roster of his Nationals ... much of the militia will not respond to a new call, having already served in the Ginnheim campaign.