Thursday, June 24, 2010

They Shall Not Pass!

Bill Protz has kindly undertaken to resolve the middle battle in the Tannes Berg (btw, Bill, the Tannes mtns are NORTH of Frankfurt, :) ).
Lovely pictures and resolution using his excellent BAR rules (which I've praised elsewhere and used myself once or twice).
So far, the battle is exciting and events are still in the balance.
We'll await results eagerly!

Woad is driven away from Rudelheim!

The after Action Report is at Murdock's Marauders ...

Woad will have greater control over his survivors than the Rudelheim contingent, so I figure they'll get back to base ... but the road is open for the flight of Parsleigh and RausenMarie after they've hit the depot ... at least as far as the main road over the Tannes Mountains, where another battle is taking place ...

Monday, June 7, 2010

Those Three Small Battles ....

I'm looking at three brigade size encounters, as the Gallians and the Frankfurters catch the Resistance forces coming through the mountain defiles. More details as soon as health permits ....

One collision will be Rudelheim militia and dragoons running into Highlander mercs and fusiliers and Hussars (Frankszonia under Broderick Woad) in open but rolling terrain. I think Murdock will be taking this one. This will be the western encounter.

Two: will be veterans versus Guard .... the resistance will be running the Old Retainers (elite unit), estate jaegers, and another line regiment with a regt. of curiassiers against a battalion of Guard, two converged battalions of Grenadiers and a regt. of Cuirassiers ... which are under the direct command of the Hurtshog. I think Bill Protz will be taking this one, as involves the resistance trying to sneak out of the woods on the Tannes berg (exiting a mountain pass).

Three: will be the Fisch Freicorps (2 battalions) and militia fusiliers with a brigade of dragoons and Marie's artillery under Parsleigh ... who will run into Gallian dragoons who will be swiftly reinforced by whomever is parked over the depot .... but the engagement will occur close enough that Marie's artillery or a squadron of dragoons will have an opportunity to try to fire the depot ....
Ideally, the Resistance forces will slightly outnumber their foes. If Frankszonia and Gallia win a scenario, the victorious units may try to interdict the retreat line of another Resistance unit ...

I'm trying to get some painting in, as that can be done in my bed (for a long while I couldn't even lean forward to touch brush to palette). Anyway, I've got another squadron of 14 Hussars on preliminary basing (and found the missing three riders tonight); a third squadron of 17 Hussars ready to prime (all Revell Plastics); about 30 Minden Prussian grenadiers (which would be two Koenig Krieg battalions) and 12 Minden fusiliers (another K.K. battalion) ready for priming.
Unfortunately, my primer bottles seem to have been swept up in the general haul out of stuff from the living room!