Monday, July 14, 2008

The Frankfurters are boiling ....

Let's see:
Johannes Baddman will suureptiously leave a file in Broglie's tent which claims that Hesse Homburg has indiscriminately recruited forces and leaders which bear The Empire no good will and Gallia even less ...

A clerk from one of the BurgerMasters of Frankfurter will approach either Broglie and / or Intendant Bastille to point out that the Hurtshog's activities have been serious problems for Gallia's other minor allies, and perhaps is overdue for replacement ...

Phillipe reports to the Intendent that the malcontents have recruited Dutchmen and coming down from Limburger to Russelville form a serious challenge to the Hurthog's forces in that area, and if victorious would be able to march into Mainz and cut the supply lines for both Broglie and Chevert ... that later, btw, looks good for a proxy fight ...


Monday, July 7, 2008

Freiherr Yelch departs for Scotland

* Reich FreiHerr Franz Yelch:
This young (26 year old) soldier of fortune is the fourth surviving child of an impoverished noble seeking to establish his fortune in the path of honor. A cheerful, optimistic prankster, he views himself as a kind of gallant knight errant. As an Hauptman in the Infantry Regiment Von Hottatrot, his energy and initiative sustained that corps’ conquest of the key redoubt in the Battle of Bad Tannes after the Margrave was wounded. As a reward, Franz has been promoted to a Major de Battalion in the Sage Guard. Since he has distant cousins (in-laws of an older brother) among the Stuart and Frazier clans, he volunteered to represent Frankszonia in the restoration of the true kings of Scotland.
Though he obviously is ambitious and talented as a military officer, his ultimate dream is to establish a horse breeding farm in America, far from the barbaric Prussian / Germanian hordes. While he avidly attends horse races, he doesn’t really gamble (having barely adequate funds anyway) but instead studies the breeding lines and characteristics of the outstanding beasts. In quiet interludes, he plays on the organ or attends local operatic productions; pining away for the lady singers whose company he never can afford.

(Inspired by my own ancestor Yelch, who did immigrate from around Frankfurt to get away from the Prussians right after the American revolution and who is thought to have brought the first organ down the Ohio into the Northwest Territory. His estate was established near modern Bloomington, Indiana and endured until the 1950's. One tradition is that as a child he was usually fed burnt toast lest he eat more bread than the family could afford ...)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

A new Wiener force is assembling

Okay, the original post was an excellently researched response by someone else to someone’s honest question about Austrian Grenadier battalions and their commanders. I ought to be ashamed of what I’m going to do with them }:->

Re: Austrian Grenadiers

I found this in my copy of SYWA Journal, vol. VIII, n.4

Grenadier Formations in Loudon's Corps in 1761:
(becomes Loudones Corps)

Major Morbeer (Morebeer)
2 cos. Giulay (Goodlay)
2 cos. Deutschmeister
2 cos. Angern (either Anglers or Angerly)

Major Rollfe (?) (Rallfe)
2 cos. Botta (Blotto)
2 cos. Konigsegg (Hey, I’m keeping this one!)
2 cos. Wied (Wired, Weird, Wilde)
2 cos. Los Rios (Dos Gringos?)

Major Muck (?) (yep!)
2 cos. Stahremberg
2 cos. Bayreuth
2 cos. Esterhazy (already got Eatserhasty)
2 btns Loudon Grenadiers

Ob. Kinsky (Kinksky)
1 sqd Erzh. Josef Dragoons
1 sqd Wurtemberg Dragoons
1 sqd Schmerzing Cuirassiers
1 sqd Prinz Albrecht Cuirassiers

Ob. Lt. de Bine (de Binge)
2 cos. Durlach
2 cos. Loudon
2 cos. Palfy

Major O'Donell (Der Bauer Alte McDonald)
2 cos. Erz. Ferdinand (quite bullish, no?)
2 cos. Wallis (Walleyed)
2 cos. Platz (Plotzed)
2 cos. Waldeck (Walld_cked0

Ob. Caldwell (Cladwell, a real picky dresser ... forget the term right now)
2 cos. Marschall
2 cos. Andlau
2 cos. Baden

Ob. Lt. Kodent (?) (Kotex)
1 sqd Ansbach Cuirassiers
1 sqd Trautmannsdorf Cr. (can’t type this one on a family list0
1 sqd Alt Modena Cr.
1 sqd Kollowrath Dragns. (Kollor Wraith Dragons? right Tolkienesque!)

In summary, there are six infantry battalions and the equivalent of two 4
squadron heavy
cavalry regiments in Loudon's Corps.

Wiener General Picklemany wins laudits in Beerstein!

* Picklemany (2): Competent. Good leader, but tends to be conservative in approach to
campaigns: In tactical matters, he is perhaps one of our best learned and most versatile commanders. Fluent in Deutsch, French, Italian, and Turkish ... and can issue standard commands in English and Hungarian! (now in service with Ober Beerstein under HerzogWilhelm von Beerstein who invests him into the Order of the Goblet. General Picklemany was also invested into the Military Order of the Golden Crown for their gallant conduct which ensured our victory at Alesgarden).

His bravery and leadership managed to keep the Hungarian units in line even when they were almost overwhelmed by the Germanian forces. Alas, word is that he took a nasty fall from his horse, but the Duchess Lydia is personally seeing to his recovery!