Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wiener General Picklemany wins laudits in Beerstein!

* Picklemany (2): Competent. Good leader, but tends to be conservative in approach to
campaigns: In tactical matters, he is perhaps one of our best learned and most versatile commanders. Fluent in Deutsch, French, Italian, and Turkish ... and can issue standard commands in English and Hungarian! (now in service with Ober Beerstein under HerzogWilhelm von Beerstein who invests him into the Order of the Goblet. General Picklemany was also invested into the Military Order of the Golden Crown for their gallant conduct which ensured our victory at Alesgarden).

His bravery and leadership managed to keep the Hungarian units in line even when they were almost overwhelmed by the Germanian forces. Alas, word is that he took a nasty fall from his horse, but the Duchess Lydia is personally seeing to his recovery!

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