Thursday, July 3, 2008

A new Wiener force is assembling

Okay, the original post was an excellently researched response by someone else to someone’s honest question about Austrian Grenadier battalions and their commanders. I ought to be ashamed of what I’m going to do with them }:->

Re: Austrian Grenadiers

I found this in my copy of SYWA Journal, vol. VIII, n.4

Grenadier Formations in Loudon's Corps in 1761:
(becomes Loudones Corps)

Major Morbeer (Morebeer)
2 cos. Giulay (Goodlay)
2 cos. Deutschmeister
2 cos. Angern (either Anglers or Angerly)

Major Rollfe (?) (Rallfe)
2 cos. Botta (Blotto)
2 cos. Konigsegg (Hey, I’m keeping this one!)
2 cos. Wied (Wired, Weird, Wilde)
2 cos. Los Rios (Dos Gringos?)

Major Muck (?) (yep!)
2 cos. Stahremberg
2 cos. Bayreuth
2 cos. Esterhazy (already got Eatserhasty)
2 btns Loudon Grenadiers

Ob. Kinsky (Kinksky)
1 sqd Erzh. Josef Dragoons
1 sqd Wurtemberg Dragoons
1 sqd Schmerzing Cuirassiers
1 sqd Prinz Albrecht Cuirassiers

Ob. Lt. de Bine (de Binge)
2 cos. Durlach
2 cos. Loudon
2 cos. Palfy

Major O'Donell (Der Bauer Alte McDonald)
2 cos. Erz. Ferdinand (quite bullish, no?)
2 cos. Wallis (Walleyed)
2 cos. Platz (Plotzed)
2 cos. Waldeck (Walld_cked0

Ob. Caldwell (Cladwell, a real picky dresser ... forget the term right now)
2 cos. Marschall
2 cos. Andlau
2 cos. Baden

Ob. Lt. Kodent (?) (Kotex)
1 sqd Ansbach Cuirassiers
1 sqd Trautmannsdorf Cr. (can’t type this one on a family list0
1 sqd Alt Modena Cr.
1 sqd Kollowrath Dragns. (Kollor Wraith Dragons? right Tolkienesque!)

In summary, there are six infantry battalions and the equivalent of two 4
squadron heavy
cavalry regiments in Loudon's Corps.


Capt Bill said...

Always looking for a few good names to replace the poor unfortumates who give the last full measure od devotion to Reich Duke Wilhelm,

Fitz-Badger said...

Prinz Albrecht Cuirassiers
(reminds me of Prince Albert in a can) ha ha
For Andlau - Andhow?