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Offenbach area of operations

Okay, first of all notice that Offenbach doesn't begin with very good defensive works ... it was the pronounced intent of the Frankszonians to construct such works in their initial proposals.
Secondarily, Frankszonia actually already controls the opposite bank of the Main, including the little town across the river. Frankszonia also holds all of the land in this map across the stream west of Offenbach (and is concentrated between it and Frankfort, just off the map). In fact, a redoubt and battery are already installed across the river from Offenbach, but have not yet become active.
Third, the control of Offenbach only extends about halfway down the woods to the south and to the stream east.

In the last battle, Frankszonia was forced to advance along the edge of the Wilds using primarily a single road and was not fully concentrated prior to the arrival of the vile Stagonians. Further, when it was betrayed by the Stagonian collaborators in Offenbach, Frankszonia knew it had to rather quickly withdraw.

While Stagonia loudly proclaims it does not have an occupation force in Offenbach, given the defenseless nature of Offenbach, Gen. Oscar Meyer believes that the vile Stagonians have both a reaction force less than a day's march away and perhaps an infiltrated force in mufti within Offenbach.

At the moment, the Frankszonian army is awaiting word of the outcome of the Tipplebruder battle to the south. If Stagonia wins, or is able to extricate a large part of its force, Frankszonia would have to act quickly to secure the area.

(Phillipe's report to the Intendant)

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Wiener Update +1, Orbat

A quick run down of the figures which I know I've got painted ... as I use my three or four regiments of Hussars interchangeably, I'm not listing them here. After all, Frankszonia already has Hillary's Hussies, and the Frangipani Hussars.
Remember, the numeric info refers to Koenig's Krieg, and I'm only counting my 15 mm figures here!

E: Wieners:
* Cuirassiers De PToumaine, 12 figs (7)
* "The Rotten-Braaten" Chevau-Legers, 12 figs (7)
* Von Schlitz .Bozniaks lt. cav.1 bat @ 18 figs* (4)
* Bottleladen Drag Queens, MC, 2 bat @ 15 figs (6)
** Wiener Line
* IGA: Grenadiers from Blumentwit’s Brigade 24 figs: (7)
* IGB: Hassenpfeffer, 24 figs (5)
* IGC-D: Waddle and Schlogger @ 24 figs @ (5)
** The Hungry:Line:
IB 1 - 6 Hungry, fusilleers, @ 12 figs (5)
IB 7 (a) 16 figs (5)
Frontier Regts. 1 & 2, @ 1 bat @ 12 figs, skr (4)
@ 1 bat @ 11 figs, skr (4)
Jagers Spam @ 1 bat @ 16 figs, skr, R (4)
Special Unit:
The Kaiser Salud Guard (Includes Cuirassiers, Wiener and Hungry Guard infantry, and

Wiener Update

Okay, with the appearance of the new blog, Oesterich Uber Alles; I've decided to revive my perennial competitors, the Wieners, whose power has grown a bit since I began this blog.
This information will probably be reproduced on a new blog, which I'm thinking of entitling "Rotten Brats".

B: Wieners:

* Empress Teaser Hopsbier (flirtatious and tends to throw expensive parties, but really
cherishes her folks ... and her soldiers, especially the tall, young, athletic ones) ...
* Her protégé: Marsha, the Countess Dawn, considered by most to be an harmless coquette (who actually is a brilliant military tactician) who masquerades as a man in order to be:
* Maj. General Done: (2) Seems reserved and standoffish to his staff. He is extremely private
in his personal life and upholds very high standards of behavior. However, he often is
mysteriously gone when not on active campaign, and at these times nobody knows where he is.
He is known to be a confidante of the Empress and very influential in her program of military
* Feld Marshal Brownale (2) Boisterous and enthusiastic when in contact with the enemy. His
enthusiasm is shared with the troops with whom he likes to unofficially socialize. Has a
reputation for being able to rally units and to encourage dangerous assaults. He is a friend of Gen
Woad, the Baron Sipcup, or is that Hiccup?
* Prinz Joesipper: (0) hangs out with the cafe crowd. \
* Oberst Hasenpfeffer: (0) Impatient and peppery.
* Oberst Katzenhaus: (1) has also risen in the Wiener ranks due to exceptional services rendered.
* M. Gen. Schnitzelen: (0) classic case of prospering by being kicked upstairs.
* Oberst Spam: (0) is raising a jaeger regiment which he intends to flood into hostile areas.
* Waddle: (0)
* Schlogger: (0)
* Snorzen: (1) (a Baltic SoF)
* Wilhelm von Shlickt (1) : A freikorps leader, he avoids open combat.
His dubious reputation in small wars leaves a stain on the honor of the army ... Likes cigars.
A real Wiener ....
** Unfortunately, I did not get the citation for these, but I was reading something on the net and
ran across Graf Otto von Botelauden and Henrich Wallpot von Passenheim. So ...
* Graf Blotto von Bottleladen: (0) Middle aged, subject to wild mood swings, uses a prince nez
as it reminds him of the view through the bottom of the bottle or stein. While flagrantly
promiscuous on campaign, when at home or on any non-combat mission is notoriously
passionate about family and Frau. Actually, his income is derived more from a successful
tavern and inn chain / franchise than from the minuscule hereditary lands.
und ....
* Ernst Hallpot von Pissenhelm.: (1) soldier of fortune. Works on time limited capitularies
only. While rigorously loyal during period of contract, he has been known to refuse renewals at
the last moment. Otherwise, a good jack of all trades militarily. He has excelled at organizing
supply trains, depots, and hospitals. Details of his lineage seem curiously fluid.
* Riergard v. Rottenbrat: (0) Irritable, duelist, pettifogging administrator.
* Picklemany (2): Competent. Good leader, but tends to be conservative in approach to
* Blumentwit: (0) (Inspired by real, WWII German, Blumentrit).
* Grimsnifter (0)
* Sauerputz (0)

The Hungry forces include:
* Gen. Naggy (1)
* Eaterhasty: (1)

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Gallian's Wintering In Germania And Elsewhere

Gallian's Wintering In Germania And Elsewhere

Narrator: Snow and cold weather in western Germania brought military operations between Gallia and Freyburg versus Hesse-Seewaldt and Britannia to a halt. As we begin 1758/2008, it may perhaps be useful to recall....

Germania (See the “Friedrich” board game map, if you please):

Koblenz, Gallian magazine of:
10,000 Gallians.

Frankfurt Am Main, Gallian Magazine of:
15,000 Gallians commanded by l'Intendant Bastille.
Bastille released some Frankzonian prisoners for Christmas.
Frankzonians were grateful and impressed.

West of Frankfurt and Koblenz, west of the Rhine:
Winter Encampment of l'Duc de Broglie and l'Duc de Poyanne's Army.
de Broglie is in Versailles. De Poyanne temporarily left the Main Army to inspect the Koblenz garrison, also under his command.
Large Main Army, 20,000 estimated soldiers.

Gemünden, Fortress of:
Lt. General Chevert has encamped his entire Army here refitting for the Spring Campaign. Some think he will be ordered into Bohemia (Saxe-Bearstein) when the Armistice between The Imperium and Germania falls to pieces. Should there be trouble in Frankzonia he is within two days march of Frankfurt Am Main, the latter to the westward of the fortress. Estimated to have 15,000 soldiers.

In Scotland:
Charles Edward Stuart landed with a battalion of Royal Scots in mid December. There he met with clans loyal to his family and merged clan forces into what he hopes will be an uprising to recover Scotland and the throne - at least in Scotland. The Prince and the Royal Scots were brought by a Gallian naval squadron, the latter returned to Gallia. Can we expect more soldiers to be sent? Well dear reader we must await the results of the meeting of l'Chevalier du Nord with the Gallian Foreign Ministry. Du Nord had previously been on Shetland and then was with the Prince in Scotland. Finally scouts have looked in on the nervous garrison of Edinburgh reporting disconsolations and trepidations among the troops of George II, fearing a Clan Uprising - again.

On Shetland:
No Gallian presence there once l'Chevalier du Nord was wisked away to Scotland in a clandestine but fraternal voyage. However, Gallia supports Tradgardland's occupation and we may presume Tradgardland may be happy with the above diversion to Scotland to keep Britannia discombobulated. Perhaps there is a political combination we have yet to learn about, eh?

Fortress of Louisbourg, New World:
Governor Silhouette is marooned by the ice in the harbor. Plans are afoot for the Spring thaw. Is there something cooking with Ny Tradgardland to vex the Brtitannians nearby?

At Versailles:
Parties and more parties. There we see our dear ladies, Lady Diana Pettygree, Lady Cherish Masquerade and Lady Belle Silhouette. Marshall Broglie is in residence too along with all the other Gallian personalities not already mentioned.

We may imagine Gallian soldiers enjoying the fireplaces in their barracks, singing songs, dreaming of home, manning outposts, awaiting plodding supply trains from home while sentries walk their posts peering into the distance for the unlikely appearance of Der Erbprinz or the Marquis of Granby. Patrols are periodically sent out in search of mischief. Nothing so far. The foe must also be enjoying the respite.

Posted by Gallia at 9:44 PM

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Somewhat closer in map

Updating the map of Frankzonia

The region marked by the green border was annexed after the Bad Tannes Battle.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Situation at TippleBruder

The map above displays the position of the Stagonian forces as they prepare to assault the Convent of St. Mary Hildegaard Kunnegunde of the Holy Rose Water. The bars and other positions indicated near TippleBruder show the position of the TippleBruder forces as they have been revealed by fire or demonstration ....

Major General Karl von Drednoz

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


While ill, I managed to complete the lovely musketeer from Minden Minatures ... Picture to be posted later ...
and some more 15 mm figs ... Prussian Jaegers (I had to cut the bayonets off of some lovely Prussian musketeers to make the figures)and a Frei Korps .... complete with purple and pink coats ... again, pictures later ...

Update, blind date?

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Apologies, dear reader, for this Lo-o-0-ong post ...
I've been down medically lately, and just now am getting around to updating stuff ...
This is the key political exchange and contains just a hint of a possible event at Tipple Bruder, where the battle approaches ...

l'Prince de Charade and the Frankzonians, cont.

I was going to post this as a comment, but alas, it would have been buried.

The Margravaine Rhabbidiers, in her exquisite gown and lace, tends to speak lowly and quietly to an "interpreter." While her French is actually quite fluent, her voice is quite ... ah ... non-diplomatic, so speaking quietly behind her fan, the Prince is not subjected to the normal screeching drill effect of her conversation.
Besides, it gives her an excuse to enjoy the wine she first tasted in the General's tent last year ... in rather late affair of state ...

"Your Highness, I must warn you first that this is an official "Note of Protest." It's a necessary maneuver, as I am glad to explain.
We've communicated several times in the past for the need for some sort of formal accord between Frankszonia and Gallia, and now the situation has reached a crisis point.
"Please understand, our court would be horrified if Gallia actually followed the requirements of this protest. Most of our army, including the foreigners, are afield against Stagonia. Our Duke is ill and his heir is but an unweaned piglet. There remain at least two strong factions which would love to include the Ducal family in their sausage recipes, not to mention the many enemies we've made for ourselves while struggling on Gallia's behalf. The simple solution, for which Frankszonia earnestly hopes, is the creation of a formal accord between the Gallian monarch and its representatives and the Hurtshog and his representatives.
"Now, if you'll permit my strong voiced friend here his unpleasant duty."

From: The Hurtshog Stanken Fahrtz von Frankfurter
To: His Sublime Majesty, King Louis XV, monarch of Gallia.

My dear cousin,
Sad necessity requires that we protest most vigorously against the illegal presence of Gallian forces in Frankszonian territory.
Your precipitous invasion of our admittedly small land was previously unopposed as at that time you were in alliance with her Supreme August, the Empress. Unfortunately, however, the Imperium and Hesse-Seewald / Gemania appear to have arrived at some sort of accommodation.
As a loyal component of the Upper Frankonian Kreis, we also, in the absence of any other authorizing conjunctions, must therefore withdraw from the forces opposed to the Germanian aggressions.
This creates a series of unpleasant complications:
First of all, the Bastille which now stands just outside our walls must be given over to Frankszonian forces and the prisoners within, whose incarceration was necessitated by the conflict, be released

(The Margravaine giggles ... and whispers, "Certament! With nothing but a palace guard and children to hold it and to face all those virulent foes of the Hurtshog! Even the Intendent Bastille the sour face must laugh at this!")

Secondarily, the magazine and arsenal assembled by Gallia within Frankfurt must be evacuated and Gallian forces remove themselves from the city and its environ.

(The baron himself, winces at this, "that will leave us a nice raw casing for somebody to stuff, no?")

Thirdly, as ;'Intendant Bastille has shown himself an industrious and patriotic Gallian commander, we will not act upon these demands until adequate communication between our courts has occurred, however, these demand will be posted soon within the city and copies of this note provided to the Imperial court..

(the Margravaine: "Those Wienies!)

Interim, the Hurtshog sincerely hopes that the admirable offices of the brilliant Gallian ministers will provide a suitable solution for our contretemps.

Your Cousin, the Hurtshog Stanken

Sunday, December 16, 2007
Gallian News


Port Of Le Havre:
A powerful squadron has entered the roadstead. Some think ice remnants aboard all vessels tells of a return journey from near Arctic climates. The Shetlands? Surely yes because little Alerte, the dispatch vessel for l’Chevalier du Nord whose route was between Le Havre and The Shetlands is with the squadron. We note some of the Gallian vessels are en-flute and riding higher in the water than previously. The Chevalier du Nord boards a river galley for a voyage up the Seine to Versailles to report to The Foreign Ministry about events far to the north.

Channel Isle de Pettygree:
Shrouded in wintry winds and snow squalls, news is nil. We only know that General Pettygree (forced to retire by Parliament) remains ill but is recovering. His decade long exile to Rose Manor remains in effect given his sympathy for the Jacobites in the ’45. He is reconciling himself to the status quo and the fait accompli of Cumberland’s victory. His children, Lady Diana, for one, remain vexed by their father’s exile. This accounts for their meanderings on the continent within and without Gallian events and personalities.

Fortress of Louisbourg In The New World:
No news. Blockaded no doubt by Britannian ships of war. But winter will break the blockade.

Germania (See the “Friedrich” board game map, if you please):
Marshall de Broglie left Minden and the Britannian Army of the Marquis of Granby there for the magazine at Koblenz. A garrison of 10,000 men was left there while the rest of the Army removed itself to the west of the Rhine to rest and recuperate.

L’Duc De Poyanne formerly at Frankfurt Am Main marched to the westward of the Rhine River taking 10,000 Gallians with him to join Marshall de Broglie. De Poyanne left 10,000 men under the command of Intendant Bastille at the magazine at Frankfurt Am Main and sent 2,000 to reinforce Lt. General Chevert.

Lt. General Chevert has encamped his entire Army at the fortress of Gemünden where refitting continues in preparation for the Spring Campaign. Some think he will be ordered into Bohemia (Saxe-Bearstein) when the Armistice between The Imperium and Germania falls to pieces. Should there be trouble in Frankzonia he is within two days march of Frankfurt Am Main.

Intendant Bastille in charge of the Gallian magazine at Frankfurt Am Main has accepted the withdrawal of so many Gallian soldiers with an ulcer or stomach ailment of some kind. Still, he does command 15,000 Gallians in the town, has trebled the guard and locks the gates every night. He has allowed a small number of partisans and malcontented prisoners out of the jail to return to their families for Christmas. The worst remain under lock and key. On his mind, if peace remains in the city, he will release more. He awaits fate.

Foreign Minister Prince de Charade has informed the Frankzonian delegation that Gallian forces have initiated a first step in satisfying two Frankzonian demands. #1 Gallian military forces in the region are reduced. #2 Gallian military forces remain near in case the Hurtshog finds himself in some trouble for his support of Gallian interests. The Hurtshog plays a dual role and perhaps a dangerous one with his subjects so contrarily divided between support of Gallia on the one hand and the Marquis of Brandenburg (Frederick II) on the other. Charade has also informed the delegation that Intendant Bastille has been ordered to release some prisoners as a gesture of good faith with the hope nothing further will affect peaceful relations between Frankzonia and Gallia.

Lady Diana Pettygree, her particular friend Lady Cherish Masquerade and her confidant Lady Belle Silhouette just back from the Channel are rehoused in their apartments in Versailles.

Lt Gardier of the de Saxe Lancers has returned to Versailles as well to resume guarding Lady Diana there. He has companioably welcomed the supernumerary Monsieur Briege into the unit. Tonight they dine to get to know each other and from there discuss the rules of engagement.

That Woman:
No sign of her. All must be well.

Dunkettle Castle (Two weeks ago):
L’Comte de Albany now ashore in his homeland briefly addressed the assemblage of warriors aforrrrrrrre him.

“My brothers. Today I have returned to my homeland and my birthright that you have so gallantly and loyally supported this past decade. You see behind me the Royal Standard raised once more for my restoration and for the return of your rights. I have. We have powerful allies in Tradgardland and King Louis of Gallia. As proof my people, you see my Royal Écossais being rowed ashore from the Gallian squadron thither.” [He turns pointing to seaward. The crowd loudly shout their approval tossing bonnets high into the air. When the din subsides the speaker continues.]

“Now my brothers, let us welcome home your exiled soldiers and friends. We shall feast tonight and tomorrow we will speak of the future and what is next." [l’Comte de Albany raises his bonnet, turns to bow momentarily to Gallian l'Chevalier du Nord and sweeps his eyes left and right at his subjects as the assemblage resumes it accolades and applause amidst deafening shouts of Long Live Charles Edward Stuart!]

Posted by Gallia at 8:53 PM


Frankfurter said...

At the offices of the Intendant:

The Intendant stands by the fire, observing the work of his shivering staff. A guard enters and presents a small note to the Intendant:
Intendant: (reading the note), so, a merchant wants to sell us something? At least this might be useful, he swears that we will be kept much warmer. Admit him. Watchfully.

The guard steps out and returns soon with another guard, a merchant, and some laborers carrying a large crate. They place it on the floor with care, as the item is obviously heavy. The Intendant recognizes Philippe as one of the laborers.

merchant: My Lord, Gentlemen, have you perhaps heard of that young American genius, Franklin?
(A very few of the men look interested as the laborers open the crate. )
Behold! the Franklin Stove! With this item, one need no longer suffer with a frigid room where only the tiny space near the fire is liveable. With this marvelous innovation, the fire and its heat can be safely brought into the middle of the room and its generous warmth enjoyed by all! If you would graciously allow my stout fellows here to install this device, within the hour, you will be able to work with only one set of gloves and your mufflers can hang on the wall! I promise that if you are not pleased with this product, its very nature means that I can soon remove it and place elsewhere at your convenience!
Intendant: Perhaps this experiment would be worthwhile gentlemen. If you all would withdraw to the outer rooms, perhaps you would enjoy a pipe and a goblet of mulled ale while these men do their work.
(the staff rises to leave, while the merchant beams excitedly)
Master, perhaps you’d care to join my staff? I’m sure your crew knows what it’s doing, and I’d like to observe.
(Merchant follows staff outside, as the black iron pieces, bricks, and sand of the stove pile up on the floor)
Intendant to Philippe: Come, good fellow, and explain what your compatriots are doing to me.
(both go aside)
Intendant: Well?
Philippe: At least you still outnumber the Frankszonians, my Lord ... and you’re even stronger locally than your staff reports.
Intendant: What? Has the mercantile party finally named its price?
Philippe: Well, that Frankszonian army to your south ...
Intendant: Yes?
Philippe: It’s well sited, has more artillery than Frankfurter is supposed to own, and quite ready to slog down on Offenbach whenever the cavalry returns.
Intendant: Returns?
Philippe: The Frangipani Hussars and the noble Reiters aren’t in their camp. Nor are any of their light carts.
Intendant: A flying column, but where?
Philippe: I suspect that they are going to try to intercept any Stagonian attempt to interfer, but I’ve not found any evidence that they turned back to the Main once they slipped south yet.
Intendant: Those reiters don’t like us.
Philippe: Neither are they excessively fond of the Hurtshog, but Frangipani has a good reputation, and his force is the stronger element.
Intendant: None the less, I shall alert Gen. Chevert immediately. I think he has special orders regarding this Stagonian / Frankfurter affair.
Philippe: Another thing ...
Intendant: yes?
Philippe: This merchant tells me that the Hurtshog has ordered several of these stoves for the new barracks just north of the town.
Intendant: New barracks?
Philippe: If you’ll excuse me, m’Lord, they need my help now in assembling this thing and putting its iron chimney in place.
December 17, 2007 4:35 PM