Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Offenbach area of operations

Okay, first of all notice that Offenbach doesn't begin with very good defensive works ... it was the pronounced intent of the Frankszonians to construct such works in their initial proposals.
Secondarily, Frankszonia actually already controls the opposite bank of the Main, including the little town across the river. Frankszonia also holds all of the land in this map across the stream west of Offenbach (and is concentrated between it and Frankfort, just off the map). In fact, a redoubt and battery are already installed across the river from Offenbach, but have not yet become active.
Third, the control of Offenbach only extends about halfway down the woods to the south and to the stream east.

In the last battle, Frankszonia was forced to advance along the edge of the Wilds using primarily a single road and was not fully concentrated prior to the arrival of the vile Stagonians. Further, when it was betrayed by the Stagonian collaborators in Offenbach, Frankszonia knew it had to rather quickly withdraw.

While Stagonia loudly proclaims it does not have an occupation force in Offenbach, given the defenseless nature of Offenbach, Gen. Oscar Meyer believes that the vile Stagonians have both a reaction force less than a day's march away and perhaps an infiltrated force in mufti within Offenbach.

At the moment, the Frankszonian army is awaiting word of the outcome of the Tipplebruder battle to the south. If Stagonia wins, or is able to extricate a large part of its force, Frankszonia would have to act quickly to secure the area.

(Phillipe's report to the Intendant)


Fitz-Badger said...

What is the origin of that map?

Frankfurter said...

It's one corner of the map just two or three entries below ... I forget the source now, but somebody directed me to a great source of maps of Frankfurt a couple of years ago, and these two were the most useful ...