Monday, November 12, 2007

Tides on the Main ....

Frankszonian forces continue to assemble in the Saxenhausen area south of Frankfurt. At Offenbach, however, the citizens notice that across and slightly down river from their town, large gun emplacements are under construction.
These do not appear, at the moment, to be Frankszonian units, but rather small units of local Stadtholders ....

In Frankszonia itself, rumors abound that the recent catastrophe at Offenbach was the result of secret collusion between Stagonia and Gallia. Folks around the Hurtshog's court, however, insist that such a conspiracy is "too Cheezy". Somehow this does not reassure the mechanics, who resent the presence of Gallian laborers in their area.

Nonetheless, a force of some four to six thousand men is definitely gathering south of the Main along with its normal gaggle of camp followers.

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