Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Gallian Communications

Frankfurt Am Main, Frankzonia was occupied by Gallia in 1755 (2005), a magazine was built there, the city continues under Gallian control, some turbulent local politicians, etc. recently fled, some Frankzonian military units mutinied and Lt. Gen. Chevert's Gallian Corps marched eastwards into the fortress of Gem├╝nden with a brigade of Frankzonians. The magazine in Frankfurt Am Main is now garrisoned by several militia brigades under the leadership of l'Intendant l'Comte de Bastille. Bastille has a reputation for clearing stormy weather and smoothing rough seas where Gallian interests are concerned. He recently commenced building a rather large jail.
In the regions of Hesse Fedora and Hesse Homburg, another Gallian corps commanded by (you don't know who yet) headed northeast from the magazine built by Gallia last year at Koblenz. Said corps is now at Wetzlar pointed at Kassel and/or to second Chevert or de Broglie.
Also in the region of Hesse Fedora and Hesse Homburg, Marshall de Broglie left Koblenz, headed north and fought the Britannians at G├╝tersloh on 9 June. The Britannians fell back to Minden. Koblenz continues to be occupied by militia brigades recently arrived from Gallia.
Saxe-Raschstein (Saxony) is an ardent ally of Gallia because Prinz Wilhelm is the brother-in-law of Gallian King Louis XV. Eastern Saxe-Raschstein was lost to Frederick at the end of 1755 (2005). Frederick and Hesse-Seewald then marched south into Saxe-Bearstein (Bohemia) and was repulsed at Lobositz by an allied force from Gallia, Saxe-Raschstein, Russi (Russia) and The Imperium (Austria). The Gallian Foreign Minister The Prince de Charade finds it a curiosity therefore that Saxe-Bearstein remains pondering its options. Perhaps this is because her arch foe Vulgaria is said to be a Gallian ally.
Please repost the "bubble map" of 26 May, if you please, or the other one if it can be made legible.
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