Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Resistance Begins .... scene one, cont.

Gallia said...

l'Intendant Bastille:
" Some Chevert wine sil vous plait."

[Thinking to himself.]
"There is something - something about this place about which I can not identify. It hints at me summoning caution and force in my calculations. I do not want to use draconian measures but...

It was good the new militia brigades arrived a few weeks ago with me are now solely eating Gallian foods. I do not want a repeat of the gastronomic distresses the regulars experienced here before they marched off to the eastwards with Lt. Gen. Chevert. Orderly!"

"Oui Monsieur l'Intendant?"

"Send for Lt. Gardier of the de Saxe Uhlans with my compliments. I have a notion something is afoot."

As the orderly exited the room, Bastille checked today's report of soldiers fit for service.

De Saxe Uhlans: 120 with Pettygree and Masquerade.

Brigade Provence:
Four battalions: 2,323 hommes here in Frankfurt Am Main

Militia Grenadiers: 480, again here in the city.

Brigade Flanders:
Three battalions: 1,952 hommes

Eight with each battalion.

Passing Through:
Saxe-Raschstein Chevaulegers: 400 cavaliers.

Plus Lt. Gen. de Poyanne is not far away with his corps just north of me. I believe he has some 25,000 hommes and twenty pieces of ordnance.


June 27, 2007 9:17 AM


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