Friday, February 15, 2008

Tipplebruder, quick coments .... CORRECTED

Friday, February 15, 2008
Tipplebruder, quick coments ....

v. Gruber and v. Hirschbock need "survival rolls"
1-3, they are rallying their forces in the muddy ice of the road home. \
4 -5: They are being carried home to recover from their grievous wounds.
6: Coffin nails, sorry 'bout that, Chief.

CORRECTION: v. Bruin was seriously wounded while standing with the Grenadiers in the breach, but may survive ....

Casualties in the four "wiped out" battalions exceed 80% prior to whatever recovery system your own games use ... Since there was no pursuit, however, I'd suggest that Stagonian Jeff put an extra fudge factor into his recovery rolls.
CORRECTION: Misthaufen Freikorps only takes 60% casualties as do the Alliance Jaegers.

The Duchy of Fenwick and Tipplebruder militia only took about 50 casualties.
The Battery v. Schweeky took heavy casualties, but all guns were recovered.
The Prinzessin Garde lost 50, and the Saxe - Bearstein Grenadiers lost 150.
IR Lowenbrau lost about 100, but was never charged ... as the Stagonians, such as Duffy's regiment at the close of the battle, had been instructed to not attempt to storm barricades until the defenders had fallen back from them.
The composite Jaegers only took about 50% casualties while the Misthaufen Jaegers took a hundred ... the success of the Stagonian Jaegers, though outnumbered, in winkling the Misthaufen Jaegers out of their initial position is a clear battle honor, btw.

Count Trunkenbold will definitely be looking for somebody to recoup his losses!

On the Stagonian side, which actually did press forward into an almost victory, the casualties caused by having to advance in the open into fire across ground which slowed their movement suffered badly. Three of the four destroyed battalions were theirs!
Du Lepps - 200
du Briez - 125
O'Duffy - 125
v. Krinkle - 150
St. Cyr - 100
CORRECTION: Jaegers suffer 100 casualties

Neither the Stagonian artillery nor any cavalry sustained noticeable casualties.
The Alliance Cavalry was sheltered behind the causeway and inn from Stagonian carry through ball shot.
On the other hand, the Alliance "off table" reinforcements suffered badly from straggling.

In retrospect, I probably should have kept to the 12 figure battalion scale, which would have made the option of driving between the inn and the mountains a much more plausible one for Stagonia. However, as an "all knowing" player, I was actually handicapped by knowing that the mysterious horsemen were alliance figures, and wanted to make the schwerpunkt of the battle more remote from their potential interference.

Now that the battle report itself has a solid draft form, I'll concentrate on lining up the pictures to fill out the details! (yep, the CD is in the drive now, but time presses today!)

Arthur (who really is getting steadily better, in spite of the grief lately, thanks everyone for the kind words!)


Fitz-Badger said...

Riveting report (all the more so by being something of a participant) :-)
Looking forward to the pictures.
Keep getting well!

David said...

Thanks, Arthur, an exciting account. Looking forward to the pictures. Will you have maps too?

Hope your recovery continues apace too.

All the best,