Friday, April 4, 2008


There's a discussion on the EvE blog about how to generate a map of our imagi-nations.
I've argued that we use a "real" map and just plug in the country names without worrying about borders.
The picture above is just southern Hesse, and AFTER the post Napoleonic reduction of autonomous states. (Historical Frankfurt, btw, is the tiny red blob about middle / right.
A century earlier, the wild juxtaposition of land claims and heritages would make any deeper precision on a "real" map impossible anyway.
So, some dozen different princes claim the same spot ... your point is?
And it would make a handy excuse for a wargame, and could just as handily ignored!


andygamer said...

SPAM above!! Do not open. (And ban the 'poster'.)

And are those the exact same maps?

Frankfurter said...

Sandwiches even!
That's the third spammer I've had to delete since writing this post.

Alas, yes, it's the same map twice ... why it duplicated itself, I'm not sure, but the original was an "interactive" map which often had details about the smaller countries and their lineages ....


andygamer said...

Oh! Another spam post, A.