Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ginnheim Fallout

After the engagement at Ginnheim, insignificant in itself, dramatic events developed in Frankszonia.

First of all, the Cheezer alliance foundered on the choice of withdrawel routes. The Limburger Brigade and Gen. Michel O’Maus chose to fall back towards Hesse Fedora. The Resistance and the local forces, however, retired toward their base at Rodelheim (formerly called Russelheim in my blog, as the name was unreadable on the earlier maps in my possesion). Not only had this been their primary base for two years, but also it had the advantage of a complete water defense plus its not quite so ancient fortifications.

The Hurtshog and his generals decided to let the Limburger brigade make its withdrawel undisturbed. Not only was its route into Hesse Fedora protected by diplomatic complications (while Hesse Fedora and Frankszonia are in opposing big power alliances, they have a long history of local cooperation), but also that route took the Limburgers into the operational zone of Gen. Broglie.
Meanwhile, Gen Phaulie with his force of Fusiliers, Freikorps, and Hebrew Nationals had been force marching to the south of Ginnheim in a wide turning movement. As a result, they were able to reach the Nidda River at Hausen and cut off the retreat of the Resistance forces. While this battle has not been resolved (see earlier post), the only real question is whether or not enough of the Resistance will escape to make the defense of Rodelheim feasible.

News has reached the Hurtshog, however, which has force him to greatly weaken the pursuit of the Resistance from Ginnheim. Raiders from the Kingdom of St. Maurice have been devastating isolated farmsteads in the Teuische Heeren Waldt (part of the Frankszonian Stadt Waldt)!
Leaving Von Ballpark’s Brigade, most of the Cuirassiers and the Porcelain Dragoons to continue the pursuit of the Resistance under the capable command Gen. Meyer, the Hurtshog hastens back to Frankfurter with the Guard Corps, the grenadiers, the Black Kilts, and a Hussar Brigade.
This is not so much to reinforce the city’s defenses against the looming forces of Hesse Seewald as provide an adequate stiffener to Hottatrot’s brigade and the militia forces in Frankfurt.
These are ordered to probe in advance of the Hurtshog towards the village of Neu Isenberg. If the raids continue, the Hurtshog will attempt a defensive stance until the situation at Hausen is resolved and then drive on Sprendlingen in the Kingdom of St. Maurice.

Meanwhile, l’Comte d’ Beauphaup has summoned the merchants from St. Maurice who happen to be in the City, and informed them that their assets are being seized until a settlement for reparations are made with the Kingdom of St. Maurice.

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