Friday, April 10, 2009

Cheezers .... the Munster Brigade planned

The Munster Brigade

Major General Gross Karl Kaze
(Big Chucky Cheese)

Cavalry (uniforms yet to be developed, but with Yellow coats)

* Die Kliene Dragonen

* Die Helle Hunden
(Hussars, Warg Riders)

* Die NachtMaren
(Cuirassiers ... skeleton and headless)


* Consolidated Guild Companies
(Blocks of skeletons, vampires, mummies, werewolves, wererats, Gnolls, goblins, etc.
No kobolds! Kobolds, Gygax’s fevered delusions not withstanding, are nasty version of small dwarves, and my late, sainted friend, Brian would be terribly upset to see my dwarf figures in such company).

(The following two units will be painted with pastel blue or purple skin, red eyes, orange wigs. Officers will have red tricornes with black lace and pom).

* Die Fleische Snackern
Black coat with orange turnbacks, etc.; Red Trews; black gaiters; black tricorne with red lace and white pom-pom

* Die Moonie Bowern
Grey with yellow turnbacks; Pink Trews, Black gaiters, black tricorne with gang green lace.

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