Friday, March 5, 2010

Staggering Stagonians

I've been giving some thought, at Jeff's invitation, to some characters for Stagonia ... both those in the employ of the DeVilles and those who are under the illusion that they're free agents ...
One thing which was bothering me was the perversions and disgusting habits which I'd need to ascribe to them.
Obviously, there will need to be some degree of homosexuality ... it was a feature of the period for those who were determined to rebel against the mores of their class. Equally obviously, it needs to be handled with care. After all, I've already hinted at pedophila in the case of one expired character (whose son and protege are major characters in Frankszonia). In these times, such issues are very, very sensitive. So I need to watch my step.
There was some substance abuse in the period as well, but it was no where near as pervasive as it became later in the century ... and the selection was not nearly as diverse as it is today. So drug smuggling (with a side line in aphrodisiacs, knock out drops, etc.) seems like a likely industry for the Stagonian agent.
I've decided to not have ANY cases of abduction for sex (though abduction for hostage or for political marriage slides close to this) including no "date rape" scenarios (unless it involves a hint of bestiality, after all, those goats have a fiery personality).
So, at the moment, I'm looking at smuggling, drugs, seduction (either for sex or for treason) and debauchery, poison, scams, Ponzi schemes, extortion, protection rackets, crooked gambling, and writing filthy graffitti as the main lines for Stagonian agents ... any other ideas? And what would you guys suggest I NEVER really spell out (besides abuse and beastiality) ... ?
I've got a group of Stagonians on their way to perdition in Frankfurter to write up!


Martin said...

As Jean Louis suggested in a previous comment, the Stagonians would consider counterfiting the currency of their opponents a legitimate means of economic warfare. Flooding the markets with fake coins and bills would play hob with Stagonia's foes ability to raise, equip, and train the necessary troops to repel Stagonian ambitions. And I won't even mention how profitable a sideline it is.

Capt Bill said...

Is nothing beneath those vile Staonians???

Frankfurter said...

Many things can be found beneath those vile Stagonians ... goats, sheep, fresh clams (yep, they're really vile!)

Frankfurter said...

Of course, I keep wondering how Ludwig and the Duchess are going to get along ... after all they'd need to know how to do it with humans ...

Bluebear Jeff said...


What you post on your blog is, of course, up to you.

As for any EvE posts, I prefer to keep things non-explicit. "Crimes too vile to be repeated" is the sort of "detail" that I'd like to leave it at for EvE posts.

In general I feel that we should aim for nothing more than a "Parental Guidance" rating . . . and that details that would get an "R" rating would be, well, restricted.

So while those vile Stagonians will stoop to almost anything nasty and malicious, we needn't soil ourselves with the details of their depravity.

-- Jeff

Archduke Piccolo said...

I'm with Bluebear Jeff on this. Keep it ... seemly.

You could do worse that to take your cue from Young and Lawford, who, whilst mentioning certain ... peccadillos ... couched them in vague terms dressed in fine language. So: 'The amorous Elector, Petrus I, had kidnapped the fair princess Catherine of Hesse-Damall, infuriating the Prince of that state, and alarming neighbouring princes with marriageable daughters.' Or, later, describing the egregious Archduke Guitar: '...the Archduke soon revealed that his well-known dexterity in the courts of Venus was not equalled by his skill in the sterner fields of Mars.' Such expressions conveys a sufficient impression of character without being too salacious.

I infer, by the way, that the Stagonians are the 'baddies': a rogue nation; a blight upon the geo-political landscape; a menace to the comity and amity of nations; its most degraded subject capable of any crime, its greatest above no perversion of laws or morals. In short, they well deserve the appellation 'the Enemy'.

Or am I doing the fine people of Stagonia an injustice...?

Frankfurter said...

Well, "bluebear Jeff" is also "Stagonian Jeff", and yes, Stagonia is the perennial baddy of the blog. Some folks are also concerned about my poor Frankszonia simply because we keep rectifying our border situation ....
But Stagonia is also very powerful ... and has a collection of assassins to back up its pretensions.
That's a no brainer .... and speaking of no brainers, there is an implication that Stagonian agents were involved in a recent outbreak of zombies in the Kingdom of Maurice ...

Fitz-Badger said...

I agree with Jeff, too. Much better to keep it vague. It's more in keeping with older times (thinking of, say, Wodehouse, who doesn't mention particulars, but may hint at unbecoming behaviors and reputations). While the vile Stagonians may stoop at nothing, the more civilized imagi-nations would do better to stay well out of the gutter.
Some things are just not spoken of in polite company, even between gentlemen, much less in the presence of the fair sex.

Fitz-Badger said...

p.s. spying, sabotage, counterfitting, and the like, as well as outright war, raids, fomentation of war, can provide enough fodder. The more despicable proclivities, well, those would best be spoken of very circumspectly, if at all.
I've been watching Get Smart on dvd (the old tv series). And thinking of how they talk about Kaos would be my inspiration, along with the likes of Wodehouse, et al.


I agree that, we civilized nations, should keep our tennor circumspect when trying to desribe the horrors commited by those two.
Schwabian rummors have it that the former Prince stroke was caused by Stagonian powders.

Bluebear Jeff said...

First, Arthur is correct. My Imagi-Nation is the Principality of Saxe-Bearstein.

My "evil twin", Stagonian Jeff, is the spokesperson for Saxe-Bearstein's ancestral foe, those most vile Stagonians.

As for the Nomadic Old School Gamer's rumors, it should be pointed out that Koenig Maurice of Stagonia and his entire immediate family were poisoned some time ago.

He survived although all of his body's heirs perished.

Some months later it was reported that he committed suicide after torturing himself with various nefarious tools. He then chopped his own head off . . . of course it took three whacks of the axe to complete the task . . . probably because he was hindered by having his hands tied behind his back.

But getting back the the poisoning. It was reported that Maurice took his own life in remorse for poisoning himself and his family.

Of course the current ruler, Koenig Ludvig du Vile, is the son of one of the Borgias . . . and his mother is reputedly expert in that most famous of Borgia tools.

Others may form their own opinions, but Saxe-Bearsteinians have firm views about who is responsible for most of the sorrow in our age.

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

abdul666 said...

Vague allusions can provide amusing hints, without being too explicit - the memorable reference to the 'pig in the blanket scandal' can be interpreted in different ways, but -as with spoonerisms- the 'innocent' is preserved: he (she?) will no go further than his (her?) current knowledge, vocabulary and imagination...

Regarding the Stagonian agents, I tend to see them as a source of occasional comical relief, doing rather sloppy work, fumbling more often then not... 'Baddies' but not really impressive, 'respectable' ones.

The ruling line is another matter -rotten in the blood, indeed. With Ludwig combining the Borgia with (from his mother, born de Sade) Elizabeth Bathory in his ancestry. By the way -but only Jeff can answer- what is the first name of the Stagonian Queen Mother? So far it has been kept as secret as that of the Grande Duchesse of Gerolstein... Juliette, maybe?

Also, who will be 'role-playing' the Duchess of Saschen-Vindow, Ludwig's current mate (or so she hopes)? Too powerful, interesting and promising a character to be 'trashed' and forgotten, but she was born in the Tradgarlander area of influence and is now living in Stagonia... Of course Ludwig (and / or his mother) can always get rid of her by sending her in a 'diplomatic' mission to some exotic land of slavers or cannibal head-hunters (or as their ambassador to Monte-Cristo)...