Saturday, May 29, 2010

Catch up Post, May 2010

End of May 2010 catch up post.

Due to life intervening (which has turned out better than expected at the moment, thanks be to God), I’ve been off the computer for weeks. Moreover, my figures and terrain materials are in temporary storage. The only figures I’ve got out for painting are the Revell Prussian Hussars ... and they’re giving my limited skills fits!! LOL

This has left me with a whole series of planned scenarios which can’t be resolved until later in June at the earliest, so I’m looking for proxy battle volunteers who can field at least a good brigade of infantry and several squadrons of horse – all with artillery support for each side.
It would be nice if the officers, etc. of each army are given a sort of role play reaction to the events on the table .... as many know, there are short files on all of them down to battalion commanders! (Grin)

Some months ago, I lost my favorite atlas (Wesserman’s Grosser Atlas zur Weltgeschicte). We lucked up on an affordable version of the ‘67 edition, and my beloved wife made that her anniversary gift to me. Perusing the various pages (which naturally tend to emphasize German concerns), I am again amused by the incredible plethora of mini-states in Germany at the time. Indeed, in one map of a section of Swabia, I think, I found two “countries” which were less than 4 square miles in territory! Of course, this enthused me even more over our imagi-nations and their travails. The idea of many, very small force scenarios increases my frustration over this period of enforced inactivity (wry grin).

Anyway, it is necessary to update things as swiftly as possible.

V. Mack and most of his party survive ... Beauphaup is wounded (shot from the side while fencing with another assassin) and two of his aides are killed. The assassins are hirelings who’ve been paid with Gallian coin ... but the contact information one carries connects to a known Stagonian smuggling ring. With the return of the Hurtshog, Princess Stuftliana is able to extend official hospitality to the Beerstein party.
(There will hopefully be a more extensive after action report later ... can't promise it, alas. Also, my notes are confused as to which of the Beerstein men is fevered from his wound ... I'd kind of like to spare SomeRussian Guyovitch, but he was the target after all ...).

An envoy is dispatched to the Kingdoms of St. Maurice. We’ve come across some corrosive salt and pepper mixtures which damage zombies and cause them immediate distress when fired from shotguns .... also, bladders filled with oil of vitriol seem to show some promise ...

The Sultan of Swat has acquired a new staff officer, Hauptman Heinrich der Alte. He has an endorsement from the Trucks and Turbines for his service with light infantry and cavalry.

An envoy is dispatched to Hesse Fedora requesting them to expel the Frankszonian Resistance and Cheezers from their territory. Hesse Fedora is gently reminded of traditional friendship with Frankszonia which the Hurtshog has maintained in spite of their currently being allied to Germania.

An envoy is dispatched to Hesse Homburg, requesting that they do not violate Frankszonian territory in their internecine dispute with Hesse Fedora.. Also, complaints are lodged with Gallia about Hesse Hamburg's arrogance and territorial violations (ironically, it seems that Hesse Homburg may be filing almost identical complaints, just with the names switched so as to appear innocent).

Unsubstantiated and malicious rumors report that Frankszonian officers are reconnoitering the intervening terrain between the two Hesse Hats. That such rumors are fallacious is obvious. After all, prior to the Gallia / Hesse Seewald war, Frankszonia was very actively asserting its influence in that area. The Tannes Mountains are embraced by Frankszonian territory along the Nidda River ....
Hans Muckiethaler, the financier involved in the Frankszonian Resistance, has offered to loan Hesse Seewald a treasure apparently of Hindu origin. He is acting as the agent, he says, of a consortium of four adventurers who'd been lucky in Agra.

Baron Bastille, the Gallian Intendent at Frankfurter, has recently found himself the target of the attentions of two Fraulein. One has a dragon lady widow mother (who has also hinted at her loneliness, unfulfilled desires, etc.), and the other is staying with a tipsy uncle and her foppish cousin.
Gen. Hottatrot is seeking some hoboists to play in his regimental band.


tradgardmastare said...

Tell me more of the atlas it sounds fascinating...

Fitz-Badger said...

"life intervening (which has turned out better than expected at the moment" - that sounds good. :)
Continued best wishes!

Sounds like a lot going on in your ImagiNations, even if you can't get to most of your stuff.

Gallia said...

Lieber Arthur,
I can probably arrange a proxy battle here spanning a weeknight or two after work. At first I thought NO -- only because my familiar Gallians would be in photos. Then I thought, YES, I can get out my old Tricorne Army of two-rank Hessians, Brunswickers, British, French, etc. The blue coats could be your soldaten. Opponents could be my old British or old French or both.
The units all are despairing of ever getting out of their boxes again so....
Three of your personalities are here anyway: Beauchamp, Hottatrot and the Hurtshog.
We would use BAR.
Get better soon!
Merrily we roll along,

Martin said...

Hello Arthur!

The cliffhanger was killing me! Glad to hear that things are looking up. I agree with Allan, that Atlas sounds very interesting!

MurdocK said...


Superior your life is giving rewards.

I could also do a proxy battle, need more details about the tabletop needs, likely use SHAKO or Bluebear Jeff's Tricorne Wars.


Ed said...


Glad you are on the mend. I might have some gaming time coming available soon (!), so did you have anything in mind for the Hesse-hats (love that!)? The Homburgers and their Gallians have some new reinforcements...

Ed v. H-f