Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hysterical Frankfurter

As noted in a previous post, Hysterical Frankfurter is quite a bit different from Frankzonia.
Even though Frankfurt had been the place where the Emperor was confirmed and installed from at least the siege of 1551 or 52, Frankfurter has been overrun by the forces of Gallia.
Now Gallia is basically an hysterical France and is currently warring against Hesse-Seewald and Germania (an hysterical Prussia) with the aid of a player who is running his version of Austria.
I inadvertently posted some material from the player who runs Hesse-Seewald in "Bounding Frankzonia" which I have now deleted.
Hopefully, I will obtain permission and links from the other players of that campaign which employs a new rule set by Bill Protz. I think it's called "Battles of the Ancient Regime" and uses a lot of "old school" ideas along with modern tweaks. Anyway, they've had several battles of large armies ... not only with large orders of battle, but also with battalions represented by sixty (60) figures each! These are in 25 to 33 millimeter scale and thus have required large boards and day long games to resolve ... but the battle reports have been fun!
anyway, I'm off to cook supper ...
Marching on my stomach causes abdominable pain ...

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