Monday, October 15, 2007


The grand "BIG BATTALIONS" battle in Illinois has happened, a grinding draw, it seems from first reports. Gallia and Hesse Seewald continue their grueling grind ....
Also a grand event, which we who have not attended, will miss for a long time.
Alte Fritz has some photos up on his blog spot and some battle reports are on the Yahoo Groups "Old School Wargamers" site.

The founder of the Empire vs. Elector blog has long suggested that we get "proxy" games going, in which gamers who are isolated have a third party actually game out their battles.
In furtherance of this goal, I've managed to engender a battle between the Soweiter League (actually our allies, sigh) and Frankszonia which is to be resolved by Murdoch ...

So the fun continues ...

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