Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Offenback Falls!

Alas, it seems that the vacillations of the local Offenbach leaders has left them victims to Stagonian duplicity. The tiny, brave brigade; which Frankszonia had so generously sent to their aid in response to the earlier Stagonian Ultimatum was driven back.
We gather together again.
We call upon all the friends of the Soweiter League to assemble against the Vile Stagonian invasions.
Offenbach shall be free again!


Stagonian Jeff said...

Offenbach did not fall!

Indeed, since we of Stagonia were not interested in the Tuba Works to start with -- that was well documented to be the fallacious Frankzonian goal.

No, after driving off the Frankzonian invader, the only members of our army to even approach the area of the Tuba Works were those officers invited in to celebrate the victory over Frankzonia which leaves Offenbach firmly in its own hands.

If the Frankzonians had managed to sell any of those famous exploding sausages to the Offenbach army, it is certainly not the fault of our brave Stagonian troops.

We left all of Offenbach safely in Offenbach hands (unlike the Frankzonian desire to annex Offenbach and force their men into the Frankzonian army).

We of Stagonia are on our way to help yet another poor people victimized by "helpful" neighbors.

-- Jeff of Stagonia

MurdocK said...

Pure propaganda.

A local traveller whom was at Offenbach the day after the battle reported that large numbers of locals were enjoying huge horsemeat meals and narry a burned building was seen.

The Offenbach Militia were hard at work completing a ravellin and ditch ALL THE WAY AROUND all of Offenbach. There were other Soweiter officers that were busy up and down the river banks, they seemed to be looking for places to set up more works?

That afternoon Stagonian cavalry left the area and the next morning the rest of the Stagonians marched off...