Monday, February 18, 2008

Tipplebruder pictures

Later, Captions, and then to remove about three or four duplicated pictures ....
Meanwhile, the Stagonians are played by my Wiener figures and the Alliance is mostly Britischareworst and Hungover figures ....

Above one sees the Vile Stagonians approaching from the South. On the right is the edge of the mountain and forests. On the left is the river upon the banks of which Tipplebruder stands. There's a small stream being forded in front of the cavalry, while the infantry and guns surround and prepare to assault the Convent of St. Mary Hildegaard Kunnegunde of the Holy Rose Water. To the north, one can see the Frank and Stein Inn and across the river, Tipplebruder.
The Same view from a more grounded altitude.
Skirmishing along the highway in the hills among the trees.
From the west, near Tipplebruder (just in the picture to the left) looking across the river to St. Mary's. The Stagonian brigades approach on the right. Across the muddy but frozen fields, one can see the inn on the left, and the tree covered hills in the distance.
The quaint town of Tipplebruder.

Looking behind the Alliance lines, as units scramble to reach the defensive works now threatened by the Stagonian offense.
Skirmishing ih the hills, the Stagonian Jaegers, though outnumbered, press the Freikorps Jaegers back. St. Mary's and the Inn can be seen through the trees and far away in the flood plain, little Tipplebruder.
The Alliance attempts to block the mountain highway and roads by cutting down trees across the roadways.

In the distance, Hesse Engleberg and militia form up near the artillery redoubt. Blurry in the foreground, the Freikorps mans part of the Inn Strongpoint. Behind them, a supply convoy is being sent to Tipplebruder.

Tragardland troops man the barricades at the inn!
From the north, behind the Alliance lines at the Inn, we can see the Alliance jaeges preparing to abandon St. Mary's. Count Turkenbold, with two strong allied battalions still approaching elects not to meet the Stagonians at St. Mary's.

St Mary's almost surrounded.
Seeing his infantry advancing against the main Allied line, Gen. Drednoz leads the Cuirassiers across the stream.

Gen. Drednoz contemplates the situation, with his cavalry formed to exploit any success as his infantry battalions struggle through the mud and lethal artillery to assault the Alliance lines.
While Gen. Drednoz absorbs the fact that Turkenbold has abnormally accurate artillery (60_% hits! And bounce!), a view from the North. The late Hesse Engleberg battalion is approaching the Inn, the Allied cavalry is deployed to either halt a breakthrough or to repulse the unknown horsemen coming down the mountain paths. The Highlanders are pressing forward to support the front, carefully paced by their Colonel, Stanley McLaurel who is whining, "now men, do not lose your order. Keep in step. Steady now!"
Bird's eye view of the previous, the infantry lines are engaged in a deadly firefight.
From Tipplebruder Tower; The defensive position is being penetrated in the middle (the lonely, soon to expire battalion to the right of the barrier beyond the redoubt). Brigadiers are rallying their men and pushing them forward. Two battalions can be seen reforming up by St. Mary's/

The Stagonian flags are in the works! The Stagonian cavalry begins to advance!
Stagonian Dragoons advance toward the battle line.
A brigadier drives his men towards the redoubt and the gap towards the stream (through thick, clingy, icy clay mud).

The Stagonians have broken through the line!
The crisis, the Tragardland grenadiers stand in the breach!

The Crisis: The Artillery redoubt is stormed! The Stagonian cavalry rushes forward to get through the Alliance lines!
Something is happening in the hills! Those horsemen approach.

The Crisis: the Princessin Garde stands in the breach while the Highlanders sweep forward to retake the artillery redoubt!

Climax, the Polish? infantry battalion can be seen rushing forward on the extreme left, the Tragardland battalion begins to deploy along the causeway.

The Inn Strongpoint holds, while the light troops engage in a fierce firefight in the foreground.

My lord Drednoz! Our jaegers are falling back on the flank. Frankzonian cavalry approaches the right wing! We must retire or be surrounded!


abdul666 said...

Thanks, Arthur!
And of course, thanks and compliments to Dame Edith.

Best regards,

Fitz-Badger said...


What size is the table? How many figures? Which rules did you use? (just trying to get an idea of what I can manage with my own minis and such)


Frankfurter said...

The table is an oval
2 4 x 7 feer, I think.
Rules: Koenig's Krieg
(note, modified to use 24 fig battalions instead of 12 fig battalions ... I like the look but am coming to the conclusion that I can use 24 fig bats only in smaller actions.
Figures: 15MM between 600 and a thousand on the table, I think, but that may be too high. There's an exact count of each unit in an earlier post.

David said...

Thanks, Arthur. Good to see what it really looked like! :-)

Will you be doing maps? :-)


David said...

Oh yes - and I see in picture no.2 that the Tippelbruder secret weapon is shown. That's the giant windmill which was intended to blast the Stagonians away if necessary. Luckily it wasn't! ;-)


David said...

Thanks very much, Arthur. Those captions really help clarify what's happening! :-)

Hope your health is improving.

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MurdocK said...


Your words fill in the story completely.

Peter Simplissimus said...

Thanks be to God for the Glorious Victory so ably explained and illustrated!
Let the voices of our Townsfolk be uplifted in a paen of praise to the Allies!