Sunday, December 7, 2008

Parrse in Rear View Mirror ...

These K.K. 12 man battalions are assembled from approximately three or four boxes of Revell Prussians. In spite of the quite different figures in each battalion, their placement provides the illusion of an active battle line.
The formation is pictured twice.
This top picture reveals the immance of the Cat-atstrophe, Tweety Pie ...

Grenadiers of the Sage Guard being blessed ... a demi battalion that I'd hoped to use in Texas.
The figures are Mindend Minatures Prussians.

Grenadiers of the Sage Guard ... a break down showing how they can be based for a Koenig's Krieg battalion.

Blessing of the guns: I believe this is the correct size for 25 mm artillery bases.

The Artillery Park:

Still too small a collection in 25mm, and the Revell Austrian Artillery on the left are on bases which I think are too small.

The Light Infantry:

Pioneers in front, Officials on the Right, notice that at 25mm one can use individual bases ... given that these are light troops, there are also double bases. Basically one regular 15mm base easily accomodates the 25 mm figures ... so one 25mm figure would take exactly the basing for 4 15mm figures.

Blessing of the Lights:
The first short line behind the officers are Revell Austrian pioneers, several of the officers are modified artillerymen. The parson is in black and white.

Some officious officials: (also Revell figures)

Breaking the sequence, the Limburger Brigade of the Cheezers.

15 mm Minifigs, French figures w/out turnbacks. The disordered appearance to give several views, but by family custom, some figure(s) are always based aimed in the wrong direction! LOL

When I began, I was woefully short on 25 mm artillery. So whipped these babies up in Chenile craft with those ugle Giant of Hong Kong figures. The gunners are about 20 mm, the dice is about an inch high for scale. The basing is correct for 25 mm artillery.
I've mentioned on occasion the special command vehicle used by Frankszonia ... here is an example with a 25mm figure (exact same vehicles used in 15 mm are more impressive at that scale).

And, of course, the 15mm; 2nd squadron of the One Fifth Light Dragoons ...

(Since the Anglerican denomination dominates the Britischerwurst, and whereever you find four, you'll find a fifth ...)


abdul666 said...

Asking for more!
(Where are the Strippers?)


Fitz-Badger said...


Nice work! Love the general's "vehicle" and the chenille artillery!

Frankfurter said...

Fitz, if you look waa-aa-aay down the list in old posts to the Order of Battle for Frankszonia, you'll find a special unit, the "Yellow Strippers",
I was going to use either Imex British or Revell Austrians, but now that the GNW series is out from somebody, I'm putting it off ... those pikes make great portable dancing poles ...
So they've gone back to make up room for a bit!

Bluebear Jeff said...


I really like the paint scheme of the Grenadiers of the Sage Guard. It is a shame that you weren't able to make it to the big Texas game.

Maybe next year.

-- Jeff