Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A tad of chronolgy ...

Since I began to amass 15 mm figures in order to play "Koenig's Krieg," I've been able to complete about a half dozen games. Until recently, each game would be larger than the last (as my collection grew); but I've finally begun to control the explosion (I have only a small playing area anyway, and my most usual opponent is my wife).
Anyway, since I enjoy reading other folks after action reports, even though I lack their versatility in narrative phrasing, I figure I should write accounts of these games.
Placing them in context of my own "Frankfurter Wars" (I know of at least two other folks who are also using that term for their home games in their own fictional histories); there is a distinct sequence of events:
The Pigg in the Blanket Affair, Wriggley Field, Pitcher's Mound, Mindin' my own Business, Hasselback, and Stickleback. I'll begin posting accounts soon!

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