Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cannon fire heard from Seifriedsburg since dawn

From: Gen. V. Ballpark at Seifriedsburg
To: Gen. Chevert at Gemuden

Sir, in my previous post, I reported the following situation after several days of manuevering:
As the position at Aschenroth seemed to offer the foe too many manuever options with his superior forces, we have concentrated on the plateau at Seifriedsburg, The enemy appears to be deploying directly against us, but I have ordered the squadron at Weyersfeld to remain there as an outpost should they attempt another flank march, as this would put them on the Wursburg route again and thus evade our position entirely.
Our left flank is covered by the defile between Schonau and Wolfsmunster. This is barricaded and covered by some light guns and dragoons ... and the hillside is mined to cause blocking landslides should the foe attempt to force it.

This morning before light, a force of enemy grenadiers rushed the bridge crossing the wooded gully between Aschenroth and Seifriedsburg. As I write, Hesse Seewald forces are crossing the bridge and deploying on the scrub covered slopes and pastures below us. They appear to have at least twice our strength in this assault. Unfortunately, the morning fog prevents us from discerning their position and strength more accurately, but we can see over the mists that further forces are moving out of Aschenroth towards us. It appears that the northern forces have committed to gaining this plateau and its direct access towards your camp.

I have concentrated my brigade, your 4th Laura Ann regiment, and a battalion of jaegers at the crest before Seifriedsburg. We are supported by some squadrons of dragoons and hussars, I have ordered the squadron at Weyersfeld to join us in haste. The enemy appears to be weak in artillery at this moment, so I have hopes of at least delaying them with some cost at this position.

If we are forced off this plateau, the defile at Schonau will be outflanked, and the troops there will have to fall back to positions near your piquets.

Your servant,
V. Ballpark

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