Thursday, September 13, 2007

Message from lady Pettygree to the Prince du Charade

Note from Lady Pettygree to the Prince du Charade:

My Lord Charade:

I cannot be more specific on the contents of this note, as the package contains further packaging for a further note, which I believe may be an appeal directly from Granny Loomis to the Royal Family. She is, after all, related on the female side to the Gallian royal house. Lady Rosenschnauz, however, has given me several points which the letter may concern.

First of all, the family Fahrtz is extremely concerned that Hurtshog Stanken’s commitment to Gallia may actually doom their reign in Frankszonia, an area notoriously Protestant and pro-Germanian in sentiment. Therefore, their court is extremely desirous that Gallia be much more visible and prominent in its co-operation with and esteem for the Hurtshog.
Towards this end, they have frequently requested a detachment of a military training cadre.

Secondarily, I believe that they are desirous of written commitments of refuge and support should Germania prevail and the family Fahrtz be driven from Frankszonia.

Thirdly, even the loyal officers are enraged by the Intendant Bastille’s treatment of prisoners as “rebels” ... with the implication that they are rebelling against Gallia. Such treatment denies the autonomy of Frankszonia as well as ignoring that Frankszonia is an Imperial Frei Stadt, not a vassal of the Gallian throne.
I believe that they wish these prisoners to be designated rather as prisoners of war, and thus accessible to normal exchanges and ransoms. Further, if a “rebel” designation is still needed, that such cases be submitted directly and supremely to the Hurtshog himself, whose focus is entirely on his dynastic legacy now that his exotic Princess has presented him with an heir.
Unfortunately, the Hurtshog is a young man, and all he perceives in the Intendant is a very capable officer, and thus is not active enough to prevent the growing perception of him by the Frankszonians as a Gallian puppet. Furthermore, during a recent crisis, all of the battalion commanders have begun to station piquets and other safeguards to prevent their units from being disarmed by some sudden coup. Already, as you are aware, several high officers and their entourages have fled to join Hesse Seewald.
The Hurtshog values the experience and skill of the Intendant, and considers his own leaders to be either too elderly or too inexperienced to be effective in the Kaiser Schacht that is forming. Providing these men with Gallian adjutant / advisors should balance the concerns of the Hurtshog and maintain Frankszonian pride.

Given the sacrifices and risks which the Stanken family has already made on behalf of Gallia, I believe that a prompt and courteous reception of their message may be required.

Alas, it seems that I will be unable to personally discharge their commission unless your Highness acts promptly due to a family crisis.

Your devoted friend, Lady Pettygree

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