Monday, May 12, 2008

The Cheesy Faction: Some Real Munsters ...

The Cheesers:

C: Cheesy Generals
* Roquefort (2): a devious, haughty and ruthless French soldier of fortune. Comparatively
immune to the wiles of women (not completely, just comparatively). Acts abruptly and often
violently to forward his mysterious goals or to demonstrate his sense of superiority.
(Suspected of being in cahoots with “vile Stagonia”).
* Von Ignatz (1) a practical leader. Concerned over the welfare of his troops and civilians.
Usually unfazed by tactical surprises and reverses. Has engineer's attitude: "whatever works."
* Gonzales St. Expedite (1) a brilliant cavalry leader. Often used to direct irregulars. Known
for surprising, sudden, and slashing raids. Will often taunt the hostile general either before or
after his raids.
* Magnus Musculus (0) a proponent of the offensive / defense in which the foe is enticed to
attack and then ambushed with superior forces or fire power. Known for great persistence
and furious assaults. While considered quite a ladies man, there are only a few dubious
scandals attached to his record. Likes to make broad, sweeping maneuvers against a foe's
flank or wing. Also is quite theatric in temperament. Usually wears a cloak. Can often be
distracted or decoyed out of position by quixotic quest imagination ....
* Michael O'Mauss (0) very popular with his troops and clients. Known for a cheery
disposition which refuses to submit to reverses. Also considered incredibly lucky by his foes.
He is an incurable romantic, but this leads him to permit his girl friend to often be endangered
by hostile action. Unfortunately, he frequently drives his officers to distraction by focusing on
petty and / or inconsequential details.
* Thomas Katt (0) and
* Jerome v. Trippen (2) a famous team, Katt usually handles the slower, larger regular units
while V. Trippen directs the light troops and irregulars. Generally popular with their troops,
they seem to have a habit of playing practical jokes at very awkward moments which has
frequently gotten them into trouble.
* Kirkenmaus (Promoted strictly on merit, considered quite impoverished by other Obersts)
* Gruyre,
* Appenzeller, (0)
* and Emmenthaler. (0)
You can't get cheesier than they are. (says the The Duke of Plaza Toro <1>)


** brigade Michael O'Mauss (0)
* Quatrie Brie 1 bat x 16 figs @ (5) (actually 4th Loraine, French)
1 bat x 12 figs @ (5)
(Whites, red sashes, blue turnbacks; black boots, black hats / white lace )
* Yellows 1 bat x 16 fogs @ (4) (Spanish??)
(Whites, yellow Sombreros)

** Die Kazekopfen Brigade> Thomas Katt (0) (Sepoy figures)
* 1st Kazekopf 1 bat x 8 figs @ (4/5)
Light grey coat brown pants grey Turban
* 2nd Kazekopf 1 bat x 8 figs @ (4/5)
Dark grey brown grey
* 3rd Kazekopf 1 bat x 8 figs @ (4/5)
Yellow coat brown pants grey turban
** Das Alte Kaze Brigade (sepoy figures)
* Gouda 1 bat x 12 figs @ (4/5)
Various various red turban
* Munster 1 bat x 12 figs @ (4/5)
Various various white turban
* Limburger 1 bat x 12 figs @ (4/5)
var. var. Green turban

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