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The Frankfurters

July 27, 2007 (5:41pm)
Commisioned Rank (which is really rank) among Frankfurters:
Fahnenjunker / '' '' ... Unteroffizer / Fahnrich (basically all youngsters still in training)
Lieutenant ; Oberlieutenant
Hauptman / Junker (Hauptman is paid professional; Junkers are supported by family fiefs).
Major (not to be confused with Major de Camp ... a post usually filled by a general).
Oberst / Inhaber (Oberst = paid professional; Inhaber “owns” the regiment).
Brigadier / Major General; / Lieutenant General; / General (I know, at this period, these titles are a tad anachronistic, but the functions existed already ... so it’s simpler to keep track this way) 7
Field Marshal
Captain General
Given an average of three to four years to save up for the purchase of a promotion, the occasional promotion for merit (or for knowing too much about your superior) will still engender a long career for somebody who wants to get to the top but who does not have Ducal patronage!

A: Frankszonian Generals, the top Brass (and do they have brass!):
* Lt. Gen. Oscar Meyer (2) (conservative, excellent in logistics and linear war; tall, florid fellow and somewhat older ... always a little sweaty but uses a spicy cologne);
* The Sultan of Swat (1)(Balkan mercenary, very important for the trade in Sesame Seeds) ;
* Lt. Gen. Pepperoni (an immigrant Italian family, very fussy ... Not from Salamis, which I think
is a Grecian town, but has family connections with Bologna ... ); Just promoted to command the
Wiener Front. (Now deserted to “Elector” forces)
* The Baron von Ballpark (0) (a beefy fellow whom rumor has linked with the infamous Pigg
in a Blanket scandal); (Now serving with Gen. Chevert of Gallia)
* M. Gen. General Schwann (2+) ( a driving and romantic personality, very concerned with
mobility .... his units would get the Prussian double action bonus);
* General Braunsweiger (1) (a Deli-ight of the Brand Name Burgers Alliance, considered an
expert in combined arms operations, but often is kept in fixed fortifications where - tho highly
successful - his units often get sliced quite thinly). (now deserted to Germania, as he is a fan of all things from Bar Line. )
* Brig. Nathan (0) (a brigadier who is often placed in charge of local militia and fortresses).
* General Bob Evans (1) (a Fried Corpse leader).
* Hzg Stanken Fhartz (1) (ruler of Frankszonia, superficially brassy, in maneuvers tends to be
silent but deadly).
* Granny Loomis the Queen Mother (2) ... she has a great interest in artillery and has seen to a
reform and an improvement in that branch of service.
* Stuftliana (0) ... the newly wed Duchess of Frankszonia, an exotic and hopefully fertile little
* Lady Rosenschnauz; (1) officially lady in waiting for Stuftliana, but is used for discrete
messages and rendevous. Remarkably devoted to her husband's fortune ....
* The Migraine ... uh ... Margravine Rhabbidiers (that's rabid ears, not rabbit ears!): (1) nasal
voiced gossip who travels a lot (she gives Granny Loomis headaches, think of Fran Dresser’s voice with a higher pitch and a spoiled whine ... but can be remarkably silent when she wishes to employ her expensive ... ah ... expressive and vivacious beauty .... (Currently on diplomatic assignment to Scandalusia, right now, traveling in style across Gallia)
* M. Gen. Ziegfeldt von Phaulie: (0) Wears a monocle on a silk cord.
Has solid tactical skills, but very "by the book." When pressed, however, will try something
unconventional "for the sport of it." He has a solid infantry record.
Fond of schnapps (2 hip flasks ... after all, one has two hips, Ja?).
At 45/50 years, just starting to grey and is quite a ladies man. Favorite arms: his right.
He is an inept engineer, but has a passion for attempting engineering projects.
(N.B.) Gen. Phaulie will take a morale check if ordered to withdraw ... if fails morale, roll D 6
1-3 = fall back one inch; 4-5 = dither for a turn, 6 = will attempt to lead troops in a charge.
Phaulie will also attempt to join any unit which does charge. If Phaulie is killed, his
half-brother takes charge immediately from the middle of the brigade instead of waiting four
* Francios l'Marquise de Hottatrot: (1) Lewd, plain looking but not fat; a gourmet but
flatulent. Maintains a couple of ballerinas and is very keen on dance. Devil may care, reckless,
audacious, etc cavalry man. Secretly fond of Rhine Wines.
Awarded the Grilled Frankfurter for his agressive initiative and fight even though seriously wounded at the Battle of Bad Tannes ... now an initiative +1
Another tragic family secret is connected to some rumors:
a: he was born before his parents were married;
b: perhaps his real parents never did marry;
c: but his legal mom and dad dote on each other and are quite sensitive so he can't openly
research the problem ...
d: rumor also has it that his dandified legal father is more fond of young boys than girls ...
Brilliant at intrigue, he tends to be a major factor in Frankszonia undercover organs.
* Guiles, Count l'Beauphaup: (0) VERY LACE, ornate costume with high heels and makeup,
he was a protégé of the former Marquise de Hottatrot. Of course, he and the current Marquise
were childhood friends, and thus entered Frankszonia service together. Has some very well
appointed page boys, and is a noted ball room dancer. Known for his quick, mincing side step
maneuvers . Is a genius at supply and with siege guns. Usually, however, he is utilized on
diplomatic affairs.
* L'Haugen Bienz: (0) A scion of the Bienz family (Braun Bienz is also a noted member).
Considered a coarse and uneducated general, he is noted for his persistence, and has a reputation
for causing foes to run.
* Brig. Shlidelisht: (1) An erratic cavalry genius.
* Brigadier Feurstein: (0) hobby is fireworks.
* Oberst Pfallendaun: (0) financed by family brewery.
* Oberst Pfennighalter: (0)a man of great, compounded interests, usually organizes improved
militia units into reserve units.
* Brig. Rosenschnauz: (0) On the staff of Baron v. Ballpark, heavy (as in 300 lb) drinker. (promoted due to bravery and to wounds taken during Battle of Bad Tannes).
* Brig. Hilligekine Brattmann: (0) a young athlete, got command via family connections.
(Note: for those with little Deutschspraken ... Hilligekine is a lousy way to spell, Holy Cow).

* Leghorn Chicken: (1); by the book, works for chicken feed, but gets cut up a lot. Wounded at Seifriedsburg.
* Ken Sanders (1); Able to stand pressure and heat, crisp, good at regrouping fragmented units.

from the Britischerwurst:
* Roderick Woad, Earl of Hiccup: (1) : Dictatorial commander, very loyal to friends and
chivalric to ladies (has one great love he keeps secret). Thirsts for violence, highly aggressive
and is a duelist. Will always dash towards the sound of firing. Surrounded by sycophants and
misfits, which he keeps trying to train to elite status to be forlorn hopes.. .. in his
pseudo-Highlander regiment, the Black Skirts.
He loves to give bombastic speeches in which he denounces his foes as weaklings, milksops,
and namby-pambies. Secretly, he writes poetry ... very bad poetry. But he also writes satiric
limericks about his foes which he gets some loud sergeant to shout out over the field during
deployment ...
Note: Currently in service with Frankszonia because of Jacobite leanings ....

** Frankszonian agents:.
*Johannes Baddmann: either a remittance man or architect, whichever suits his current situation.
*Wilhelm v. Weiserwurst: supposedly an historian, traveling to research various lineages, etc.
* Frau Hilda Wasserschloss: an artiste, known for her quick sketches, watercolors, and snow jobs.
* Herr Eberhard Kunegunde: Master of the Secret Police.
* Herr Schwartzmann (the Dark Man): is this a person or a special job rank? Has been reported as a waiter at a Beer garden, a minor nobleman at a ball, a Croatian cavalryman, and a fuller.
* Lord Moose Hunter (an American Indian, the name is short for Chief Big Antlered Moose Caught in Ice): a superb scout, fluent in English, Spanish, and French ... and enough German to get by. Is used either to guide other agents on infiltration missions or to search a sector for
infiltrators ... is carried on list as a Master Huntsman.
* Baron Hans von Kluggelhande, a diplomat posted to Wien for the Rat ...

** leaders of the anti-Gallian nobles ...
which may be of interest to neighbors as they're seeking to hire mercs:
* Hans Muckiethaler: evil banker who is generating instability hoping to be able to control the stadt bundt if the Duchy falls.
* Sagehunde Thyme, Graf von Eischerheim: elderly but vigorous veteran, will be the C.O. of the noble resistance.
* Oberst Weis Parsliegh: brave, honorable, smart ... the white knight of the noble resistance.
* Lady Rosen Mariah: the fiery young beauty who seems to be the unacknowledged princess of the resistance.
* Oberst Von Trollop: commander of the various companies of cuirassiers who have gathered in the nobles’ resistance.
* Graf V, Pfalz: has raised an infantry regiment, publically to be a Freikorps, actually as part of resistance.
* V, Fisch: Leads the Fisch Freircorps. Relatives to the well traveled Lord and Lady Fischer from Britischerwrust.
* V. Graphk: Leads the Graphk Cuirassiers, composed primarily of retired and semi retired gentry, widely known for their colorful outfit and language.

Immune (plot) characters which could be mentioned or contacted
* Lady Rosenschnauz; (1)
* The Migraine ... uh ... Margravine Rhabbidiers
* Guiles, Count l'Beauphaup:
* Monsieur Philippe: A Gallian agent, perhaps, but reports to Gen. Chevert and to the Intendant Bastille.
* Cut-me-own-throat Dilbert: a brilliant sausage merchant ... just be very wary of what is IN his sausages .... currently on the lamb, uh, lam from Frankszonia due to the discovery of his hazardous concoction of ingredients normally found in gunpowder and bullet alloys ....

** Special Skills:
* Moosart: A young musical prodigy from some little village on the Elbow River, known for his exciting musical compositions, his bright church music, and his fascinating influence over rich, young women.
* Fettuccine: An Italian dancing master and rake ... survives because he’s also a fencing master.
Si* r Tom, the count Saucie: the tall, dark envoy from Duke Alfredo of Bologna ... middle aged but in good shape, having established himself as a decent cavalry officer prior to this appointment.
* Mistress Ewewarp: a plump master weaver and seamstress, is the contractor for the dresses and costumes for the masquerade.

A Local Ally:
Graf von Fusche de Bergerwart (1): traditional friendly family, based between Hesse-Homburg and Frankszonia. Possesses (Austrian style) a regiment of dragoons, a battalion of infantry with a good company of pioneers, an half battalion of jaegers, and a few light guns (the latter courtesy of capturing a convoy of anti-Gallian conspirators).

LOL) Ficksnore sounds more English somehow (Lord and Lady Ficksnore).

Units of Note ("a" or "b" flat? Or, as Germans, "d flat"):

A: Frankfurters:
(Note: older Frankszonian units are “Prussian style”)
Special Figures:
* Roderick Woad, Earl of Hiccup: (1) :
Mounted Cuirassier with sword stuck in side.
* Marquis d’Hottatrot: (1)
Mounted Dragoon casualty who looks like an operatic pose and singing.
* the Intendant, Baron de Bastille: (1)
mounted on blue trimmed rocking horse
*Lieutenant General Oscar Meyer: (2)
Mounted on green trimmed rocking horse, feathers in cap.

* The Porcelain Regt, dragoons (uniform lt blue coat, white cuffs, lapels and collar, lemon
yellow waistcoat an breeches or White coat, medium blue facings on cuff, label and Turnbacks.
Buff breeches and coat and a buff crossbelt. Red saddle with large white stripe with two blue
within the white.)
(currently following painted) 16 figs, @ (6 Morale)

. * Hillary's Hussies: / or / Frangipani Hussars; x 15 @ (7)
Hussars (7) 16 figs,- blue coat, red leggings and cuffs
Coat = blue; Trim = red Tunic = red; trews = yellow; boots = black; hat = red
(Note: at this time, Hillary’s Hussars and the Frangipani Hussars cannot appear on the same battlefield ..... I haven’t really painted the Frangipani Hussars yet, also the following Hussar units may appear in hostile commands under other names! Hussars, with my eyesight, are hussars) .
* Hiese Hunde Hussies (a hot dog cav unit) @ 12 figs (7)
(Green coats, white fur, blue pants, green hat bag)
* Arthur’s Hussars: 16 figs @ (7) Green / yellow outfit with Red hat bag

Coat / trim; Tunic / trews; Gaiters / boots hat / lace

* Lieb Garde Cuirassiers; 14 figs @ (8)
white / red ; (silver breast) / white black black / white
* Vinny’s Vincibles /: Cuirassiers: 14 figs @ (7)
Yellow / red; (black breast) / yellow red black / white
* Relischer Cuirassiers 12 figs @ (7?)
Green / red (black breast) / yellow black red / white
* Cellulite Cuirassiers: 12 figs @ (5?6?)
white / blue (black breast) / yellow black black / silver
* The Cellulose Scouts (a mounted rifles/light cavalry brigade). NOT YET AVAILABLE

* The Bombed Kennedy's (Bombardiers du Kennedy a siege artillery/engineer outfit).
At this time, I have about 6 light/medium guns, 3 @ 12 lbrs; and 3 whimsical chenille howitzers. Unfortunately, these have to be used by everybody ... as some are in blue coats, some in red, and some in brown, such divisions are plausible if completely nonhistorical.

** Chicken’s Brigade: ( a leg infantry unit)
* I/R Sanders/Chicken: 2 battalions x 12 figs @ (5) (rebuilt after Siefriedsburg)
Blue / red; Yellow / yellow black black/white
* IR Relischer 2 bats @ 12 figs rate (5)
Blue/ green; Yellow / yellow black black/yellow

** Von Balpark’s brigade:
* IR Braunsbienz, (mustard, uh, musketeers) 2 bats @ 12 figs, Morale rating (5)
(Blue with red turnbacks, white small clothes, lace).
* I R Footlongs: 2 battalions x12 figs @ (5)
Blue/Yellow white/white black/white black/white

** Brigade Rosenschnauz (promoted after Bad Tannes)
* IR Phaulie’s Fusils 2 battalions x 12 figs @ (5)
Blue / red; white/whte; black blue / white
* IR Futile Frankfurter 2 bats x 12 figs @ (5)
blue / yellow white / yellow black yellow / white

** Brigade Hottatrot:
* IR Hottatrot 2 bats x 12 figs @ (5)
Blue / red yellow white black/ yellow
* IR Robin’s Fusils 2 bats x 12 figs @ (5)
Green / red white / yellow black blue / white

** Guards Corps
* Sage Guard 1 bat x 12 figs @ (7)
Green / yellow white / yellow black red / white (owl feather)
* Grenadiers 2 bats x 12 figs @ (6) (Skirmish, grenade )
Blue / var white black var/ gold
Jay’s Jaegers 2 bats x 12 figs @ (6) (Skirmish, rifle)
Green/blue Green/ green black/brown black / none

** Evan’s Brigade (Freikorps)
* IR Princess’ Own 2 bats x 12 figs @ (4) (Skirmish )
pink / purple white/yellow black pink wrap
* IR Pfennigmann 2 bats x 12 figs @ (4) (Skirmish)
Purple / pink yellow / white black Purple wrap

Nathan’s Nationals .... militia made up of whatever is handy ....

* IR Black Kilts (Broderick Woad, Earl of Hicccup) x 24 figs @ (6)
Yellow tunic, Black Kilts, brown / red caps.

Polish Reds ... (use Britischerwurst units)

Also / shared with the Wieners, of course /
Frangipani Hussars (7)
According to Stephen Manley in “The War of the Austrian Succession: A Wargamer's Guide, Part II” on the Danish and German States armies the uniform of the Graf von Frangipani Hussar Regiment in Bavarian service was a "traditional uniform betraying their Hungarian origins" which I take to mean that the uniform was similar to the Austrian hussars'. That would include a
busby on the Hungarian pattern and color (brown I think, with a bag in the facing color).The details were yellow dolman, white frogging, dark blue cuff and pelisse with black fur trim on the latter, yellow breeches, dark blue schwrades, yellow boots. They had white leather equipment, black leather sabretasche, and a white, yellow, and "savoy blue" barrel sash. The saddle was covered with white sheepskin. The saddles and other horse furniture leather were black with brass metal fittings. The schabraque was dark blue, the border had a yellow dog's tooth pattern, and the blanket roll was dark blue. The shape of the schabraque had a rounded front corner and a drawn out pointed rear corner with a slight curve upward of the edge midway back, about where the circingle runs under the schabraque. The men were armed with carbine, pistols, and a curved saber.

The regiment was originally in Austrian service and taken over as a whole by Bavaria when the Austrian army demobilized in 1739 after the loss of the Turkish War. Note the clever timing of Austrian demobilization, just right to make them vulnerable to Fritz after the Emperor's death. Nominally the regiment had four squadrons of about 175 officers and men each. As with all
Horse and Musket period units, I suspect the actual official TO&E was "however many men answered roll call that morning". In June of 1745 the regiment was transferred to Dutch service. A second Bavarian Hussar regiment ended up at one squadron although it had a nominal four, before being incorporated into Frangipani.


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