Monday, May 12, 2008

Updates in progress

On a recent British Antiques Roadshow, I learned that Frankfurt in our period was a source of very high quality ceramics ... Delft ware, tiles, etc. so it seems appropriate that we add that feature to Frankszonia ... along with beanpots (that's bean, as in vegetable, not Balsm or bom as in crazy).

So, while waiting for the wife and I to feel good on the same day, I've begun a quick refresher over the various clusters of people and forces in my Frankszonian hysteria.

* Information on the Rulers and their Entourage\

* Hurtshog Stanken Fhartz v. Frankfurter (1) (ruler of Frankszonia, superficially brassy, in maneuvers tends to be silent but deadly, always speaks Frankly).
* Granny Loomis the Queen Mother (2) ... she has a great interest in artillery and has seen to a
reform and an improvement in that branch of service.
* Princess Stuftliana (0) ... the newly wed Duchess of Frankszonia, an exotic and hopefully fertile little dish.
* the Urpprinz “Smokie” ....
* Guiles, Count l'Beauphaup: (0) VERY LACE, ornate costume with high heels and makeup,
he was a protégé of the former Marquise de Hottatrot. Of course, he and the current Marquise
were childhood friends, and thus entered Frankszonia service together. Has some very well
appointed page boys, and is a noted ball room dancer. Known for his quick, mincing side step
maneuvers . Is a genius at supply and with siege guns. Usually, however, he is utilized on
diplomatic affairs.
* Lt. Gen. Oscar Meyer (2) (conservative, excellent in logistics and linear war; tall, florid fellow and somewhat older ... always a little sweaty but uses a spicy cologne);

* Coats of Arms or Flags:
(see "New Flag for Frankszonia" entry below)

* Secondary nations and Aggressor states:
The Cheese Factions, who are the real Munsters of this world .... manipulated by that smelly rogue, Roquefort.... often advancing from Limbruger.
Also we seem to be in perennial conflict with Stagonia ....
The Weiners tend to be more rivals than foes,, even though their ruler, the Merry Teaser is much loved.

* Geography:
See blog on boundaries and maps .....

* Produces and Industries:
Any kind of sausage, brat, frankfurter .... brass foundaries .... wine and beer .... pretzels .... yard grills ... also of high quality “Delft Ware” ceramics and tiles.
* Places of Interest for those on the Grand Tour
The Cathedral, the Ducal Palace, the Bischhof, the new Sausage Works, the new prison - Bastille; Bad Tannes ....

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