Sunday, September 7, 2008


A courier arrives in Frankfurter for Intendant Bastille from Gen. Broglie:

Among other trivia about supply trains, depredations from desperadoes, and the piccadillos of German subordinate allies, a copy of an intercepted letter found on a Britischerwurst dragoon officer:

"To: My Lord, the Duke of Hesse-Seewald;
From: Shtille Fhartz
Re: Proposed cooperation


"We are eager to accede to your suggestion that we engage the forces along the Main from their rear while you operate on their front.
"Indeed, such an opportunity would be an answer to our constant petitions to the Divine to liberate our beloved Frankszonia from the odious occupation by the degenerate Gallians and their effete puppet, the Hurtshog v. Frankfurter.

"Unfortunately, even though we were able to divert the Empress's largess to Hesse Homburg to bring Prince Pepperoni's battalions and squadrons up to strength, the Cheezers are reluctant to engage the Gallian engorged forces of the Hurtshog. Especially because their usual provocateur and supporter, the Marquis de Roquefort is hesitant to come too close to the attention of M,sr. Le Charade at the moment.

"However, should you be able to dispatch a cadre of good officers and sergeants to the encampments between Limburger and Russelville, we expect that we will be able to raise sufficient battalions to make at least a credible diversion in cooperation with your actions.
The inclusion of good artillerists and their guns would be especially appreciated due to our losses at Bischof.

"Failing the dispatch of such a cadre, could your beneficence at least provide us with sufficient resources to sustain our forces and to recruit qualified mercenaries?

". Fhartz, Landgraf zu Beerfranks "

The Baron Bastille rings for his secretary as he considers the fact that Shtille Fhartz is rumored to employ silent but deadly assassins ....

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