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Phaulie's Folly and Doubt at the Redoubt

Encounter before GinnHeim:

(sorry, no pictures ... batteries were flat)
Pursuing the enemy columns after Abbot’s field, the Frankszonain forces encountered the remnants of their former foes defending a redoubt which covered the approaches to a river crossing.

Gen. Meyer decided to hold back his cavalry and to commit his forward infantry elements to storm the redoubt.

* M. Gen. Ziegfeldt von Phaulie: (0) Wears a monocle on a silk cord.
Has solid tactical skills, but very "by the book." When pressed, however, will try something
unconventional "for the sport of it." He has a solid infantry record.
Fond of schnapps (2 hip flasks ... after all, one has two hips, Ja?).
At 45/50 years, just starting to grey and is quite a ladies man. Favorite arms: his right.
He is an inept engineer, but has a passion for attempting engineering projects.
(N.B.) Gen. Phaulie will take a morale check if ordered to withdraw ... if fails morale, roll D 6
1-3 = fall back one inch; 4-5 = dither for a turn, 6 = will attempt to lead troops in a charge.
Phaulie will also attempt to join any unit which does charge. If Phaulie is killed, his
half-brother takes charge immediately from the middle of the brigade instead of waiting four
* Brig. Rosenschnauz: (0) On the staff of Baron v. Ballpark, heavy (as in 300 lb) drinker. (promoted due to bravery and to wounds taken during Battle of Bad Tannes).

** Chicken’s Brigade: ( a leg infantry unit)
* I/R Sanders/Chicken: 2 battalions x 12 figs @ (5) (rebuilt after Siefriedsburg)
Blue / red; Yellow / yellow black black/white
* IR Relischer 2 bats @ 12 figs rate (5)
Blue/ green; Yellow / yellow black black/yellow

* Nathan’s Nationals .... militia made up of whatever is handy ....
* Bombed Kennedies .... 1 batteries of 12 lbrs and 1 batt. howitzer.

The Deutsche Resistance
* Graf V, Pfalz: has raised an infantry regiment, publically to be a Freikorps, actually as part of resistance.
* V, Fisch: Leads the Fisch Freicorps. Relatives to the well traveled Lord and Lady Fischer from Britischerwrust

1 inf. batL Old Retainers 12 figs @ (5)
2 Inf. batl. Freicorps 2 x 12 figs @ (4)
1 inf bat. Jaegers 12 figs @ (6)
1 battery of light guns.
1 battery of 12 lbrs.
Redoubt / Fleche

The Position:

On fairly level ground, a redoubt lying near a river covering the south side / road of a bend in a local stream. The stream is close to the right of the redoubt (which faces South East) and a scrub woods covers its right. Beyond the woods to the north, columns of the Deutsche Resistance can be seen moving towards a bridge on the stream.

The deployment:

Phaulie chooses to attack from the southeast, as an attempt to maneuver around the woods seems liable to not bag anything significant whereas those enemy columns would be cut off if he is able to quickly sweep over the force in front of him.
He deploys the Chicken Brigade with IR Chicken in front and IR Relischer as the second line and in column. He places the artillery with the howitzers to the left of the line brigade and the 12 lbrs to the right (first mistake, the howitzers would be needed to cover the woods).
Since he has two battalions of Militia, he posts them as skrimishers to cover the flanks. .

Graf v. Pfalz, an experienced and wily veteran, places the Old Retainers, one battalion of the Fisch Freikorps, and the 12 lbrs within the fleche. The 2nd battalion of the Freikorps is refused behind the right of the fleche on low ground between the fleche and the stream. The jaegers and the light artillery he conceals in the edge of the woods on his left ... with orders to not reveal themselves until the Frankszonians have advanced in front of their artillery.

The Action:

As all infantry units have just been in battle at Abbot’s Field, an attrition roll is made for each unit. Chicken’s Brigade comes of best, but the Fisch Freikorps does much better than Nathan’s Nationals.

First initiative favors the Frankszonians who bombard the fleche. The 12 lbrs in the fleche resond by firing on IR Chicken / Sanders.
As the artillery firing continues, Phaulie observes the Old Retainers, on the east arm of the fleche recoil. He sounds the Advance!

When IR Chicken/Sanders marches down onto the flats before the redoubt, the light artillery opens an oblique fire upon them while the 12 lbrs strike them from the front. In spite of the casualties, Phaulie forges forward going boldly where he should not (and cursing the fact that his howitzers cannot silence the concealed battery in the woods)!
V. Fisch, meanwhile, leads his second battalion along the river bank to engage the Frankszonian militia coming up the river bottoms.

Meanwhile, the Old Retainers have rallied and have surged back into their positions. The first battalion of the Fisch Freikorps opens fire on the advancing Chickens along with the continued pounding from the Cheezer artillery. Howitzer fire on the Freikorps by the Cheesy batter drives them back with heavy losses. V. Pfalz has to personally rally them. The jaegers in the woods open rifle fire on the militia battalion advancing towards them. While the militia manage to close to musket range, the I/R Chicken/Sanders is visibly shaken.

Phaulie orders IR Relischer to advance around the left of IR Chicken/Sanders. This brings it to the attention of the Cheesy 12 lbr battery. Since Relischer is still in column, it takes heavy casualties. The right wing Frankszonian militia continues to engage in a firefight with the jaegers, and of course is beginning to look like Swiss Cheese as a result. Firing through the gap between the militia and IR Chicken/Sanders, the Frankszonian 12 lbrs. again drive back the Old Retainers even as the 1st battalion of the Fisch Freikorps manages to return to the works.

At this moment, v. Fisch charges the militia battalion, catching it obliquely. At the same time, the oblique fire from the Cheeser light guns throws Chicken/Sanders into the fat. Moments later, the Jaegers rifles finally mill down the militia battalion before them.

Phaulie finally feels his foolishness. With his flanks being barbequed, he rallies the Chicken brigade between his batteries. V. Fisch declines to advance against that position, and Graf v. Pfalz is still reorganizing his own line forces, so the action ends.

The Deutche Resistance falls back behind the stream into Ginnheim, where Russelville Cheezer battalions can be seen deploying.

A Game of Ginnheim?


Snickering Corpses said...

Well done, sir. An entertaining account, and an interesting struggle.

CWT said...

Sounds like an excellent little action - I like the details you supply about the commanders and their dicerolls to decide actions.