Saturday, March 21, 2009

Frankfurters at Neu Isenberg

Murdock is going to start his resolution of this conflict this week ...

Frontier force at the village of Neu Isenberg. If the raids continue, the Hurtshog will attempt a defensive stance until the situation at Hausen is resolved and then drive on Sprendlingen in the Kingdom of St. Maurice. (Note, these are on real world maps south of Frankfurt am Main)

Major General
* Francios l'Marquise de Hottatrot: (1) Lewd, plain looking but not fat; a gourmet but
flatulent. Maintains a couple of ballerinas and is very keen on dance. Devil may care, reckless,
audacious, etc cavalry man. Secretly fond of Rhine Wines.
Awarded the Grilled Frankfurter for his agressive initiative and fight even though seriously wounded at the Battle of Bad Tannes ... now an initiative +1
Another tragic family secret is connected to some rumors:
a: he was born before his parents were married;
b: perhaps his real parents never did marry;
c: but his legal mom and dad dote on each other and are quite sensitive so he can't openly
research the problem ...
d: rumor also has it that his dandified legal father is more fond of young boys than girls ...
Brilliant at intrigue, he tends to be a major factor in Frankszonia undercover organs.

* The Sultan of Swat (1)(Balkan mercenary, very important for the trade in Sesame Seeds)
* Col. Fruglich
* Delft Blues:
lt blue coat, white cuffs, lapels and collar, lemon yellow waistcoat an breeches
(Dragoons, trained, @ 800 men)
* Frangipani Hussars; (7) (veterans, @ 750 men)
,- blue coat, red leggings and cuffs
Coat = blue; Trim = red Tunic = red; trews = yellow; boots = black; hat = red
* Arthur’s Hussars: Green / yellow outfit with Red hat bag
(Trained, @ 750 men)

* Roderick Woad, Earl of Hiccup: (1) : Dictatorial commander, very loyal to friends and
chivalric to ladies (has one great love he keeps secret). Thirsts for violence, highly aggressive
and is a duelist. Will always dash towards the sound of firing. Surrounded by sycophants and
misfits, which he keeps trying to train to elite status to be forlorn hopes.. .. in his
pseudo-Highlander regiment, the Black Skirts.
He loves to give bombastic speeches in which he denounces his foes as weaklings, milksops,
and namby-pambies. Secretly, he writes poetry ... very bad poetry. But he also writes satiric
limericks about his foes which he gets some loud sergeant to shout out over the field during
deployment ...
Note: Currently in service with Frankszonia because of Jacobite leanings ....

Col. Frazzle (nee Hottatrot):
* IR Black Kilts (2nd battalion, veteran (elite first held with Guards) @ 600 men)
Yellow tunic, Black Kilts, brown / red caps.
* IR Hottatrot (1st Battalion, veteran @ 600 men, Prussian style uniforms)
Blue / red yellow white black/ yellow
* Brig. Nathan (0) (a brigadier who is often placed in charge of local militia and fortresses).
* Grenadiers: (elite, converged battalion, @ 600 men)
* Frankfurter Buns: (Militia, either Prussian or Reichsarmee style uniforms, @ 600+)
* Jay’s Jaegers: (Rifle, skirmish, elite or veteran, @5-700 men depending on attachments)

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