Sunday, August 12, 2007

Circling Frankfurt

by: "Christian Rogge"

Which Circle did Frankfurt belong to?

As native Frankfurter 'sausage' – maybe I should answer this question.
Frankfurt is Upper Rhenish Circle (Oberrheinischer Kreis) not Electoral Rhenish Circle.
Frankfurt did not field a unit of its own.
Three companies, or so, of this towns Burgers Militia formed part of the Nassau-Weilburg Circle Regiment. They gathered around Frankfurt during summer 1757 and consumed tons of Frankfurters :-), off course, having a real good time. As the news spread the Reichsarmee was to take to the field (which no one believed, till then) all Three companies deserted and returned home. It was not considered to be part of their contract to fight abroad.
Besides, Frankfurt was protestant and Pro-Prussian. In fact, the early Prussian Frei-Bataillon 'Le Noble' was recruited in Frankfurt with the order of June 1756. Le Noble being a native of the French/German borderVauban fortress of Sarrelouis.


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