Monday, August 27, 2007

Pettygree and Masquerade Depart

The Nidda River Bridge
Scene 1 of 1
Narrator: Dawn. The Lancers de Saxe commanded by Lt. Gardier have posted piquets out a mile with the requisite number of mounted rider posts positioned in circular fashion back to the center. The ladies Masquerade and Pettygree arising are housed at a stone farm house near the bridge surrounded by the remainder of the lancers. Lt. Col. Enigma and Lt. Gardier are talking over a fire.
Enigma: "A red sky Gardier."

Gardier: "Oui, red sky at night, a sailors delight. Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning."

Enigma: "More inclement weather."

Gardier: "Oui Monsieur, perhaps before noon. Another muddy day. Well...."

Enigma: "Gardier, look to the east. Do you see?"

Gardier: "Oui Monsieur. The picquet rides round and round but no one is alarmed."

Enigma: "Then it must be our expected relief. My own soldiers."

Narrator: Sure enough. Within a half hour five brigades* of Royal des Carabiniers de la Garde arrive at the bridge and dismount. After a rest of two hours all turn westward onto the Coblenz Road.

And so dear reader we find Lt. Col. Enigma (formerly The Black Mask at the party), Lt. Gardier, the Lancers de Saxe, the Carabiniers and Ladies Masquerade and Pettygree with the latter's lady in waiting, Martha riding within with the important message for the Gallian Foreign Minister, l'Prince de Charade.

Along the road they are unexpectedly reinforced by the Saxe-Raschstein von Rutowski Chevaulegers released from duties at the last minute by l'Intendant Bastille from the Frankfurt Am Main garrison. Among them is the young Lord Charade, quite pleased to be away from the turbulence of the magazine city and its tribulations.

Ordre de bataille
Lancers de Saxe: 120 (1 esq.)
Carabiniers: 600 (5 brigades)
Rutowskis: 400 (3 esq.)

* In this unit a brigade is equivalent to a squadron.

Thus dear reader we have a picked cavalry force of 520 Saxons who are still aggrivated and highly motivated for vengeance by the loss of their country last season along with 600 armoured elite heavy cavalry. The whole commanded by the brave and severe Lt. Col. Enigma are heading for home via the Gallian magazine at Coblenz.

August 24, 2007 1:50 PM
Bluebear Jeff said...

I tend to think of the wars of religion being in the previous century . . . but you are undoubtably correct in your assumption that it still plays an important role in our period.

-- Jeff

August 25, 2007 4:36 AM

Gallia said...

Arrival At Coblenz, Germania
Narrator: In spite of the expected inclement weather, rain, high winds and muddy roads, Lt. Col. Enigma pushed the brigade of horsemen unmercifully toward Coblenz. During the afternoon of the third day, all safely arrived within the city walls.

Coblenz you may recall is the magazine supplying the Duc de Broglie's Armee now at Minden to the north. Once again we find our ladies within the walls of a garrisoned town. After some rest, they will procede to Versailles with the note for the Prince de Charade of the Gallian Foreign Ministry from the government of Frankzonia. What does it say?

But what of Lt. Col. Enigma, his Royal des Carabiniers and the Saxe-Raschstein Chevaualegers? Will they continue to Versailles or return to Frankfurt Am Main? Methinks the Lt. Col. may have unfinished business there in cooperation with l'Intendant Bastille. But orders from Versailles, dispatches from de Broglie or even Lt. Chevert may intervene with a different destiny. Meanwhile let us allow our weary travelers to rest, sup, drink and let tomorrow, take care of tomorrow.

Allow me dear reader to pour you a generous glass of Chevert wine.

August 25, 2007 11:41 AM

Gallia said...

For Jeff, et al,
My Saxe-Raschsteiners (Saxony) are not upset about religious matters. Rather, Der Alte invaded and took over half of Saxe-Raschstein last year in the autumn. Following that, the foe pushed into The Imperium (Austria) and was defeated at Lobositz (November, 2006 BIG Battalion game at Rock Con). Like the historical Saxons still being enraged at their treatment in the War of Austrian Succession, my Saxe-Raschsteiners are equally distressed and looking for vengeance. They are puzzled why Saxe-Bearstein remains neutral when Lobositz was fought on their ground. I am not puzzled since Jeff explained he wants to remain neutral for the BLOG. And that's okay too.

August 25, 2007 11:55 AM

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Bluebear Jeff said...

Yes, it is very easy for the person perceived as being "the boss" to overly influence things.

I am NOT the boss. I do happen to be the "owner" of the blog -- simply because I thought of it and put it into action -- but some people might perceive it incorrectly.

Saxe-Bearstein's fictional past had them avoiding the horrible excesses and devestation of the Thirty Years War by (essentially) providing a neutral "R & R" position.

They provided all armies with good tipple and friendly service. Hence no-one dared to attack or loot them for the certainty of ALL other forces turning on them.

Thus is does fit for Saxe-Bearstein to remain neutral again . . . except, of course, for the "Wars for Arcadian Glory" involving our local gamers (Mieczyslaw, the North and myself).

-- Jeff