Wednesday, August 22, 2007

L'Plan de Bastille Begins

(This is from "Gallia")

My prodigious compliments to you.
And now, the rest of the story, part of it anyway....
Sincere Regards,

Narrator: Well, WELL! Mayhem, confusions, obfuscations, tumolt, uncertainties, fear, death, madmen, rebels, pleasantries, enchantments, color, fine music, opulent food, scoundrels, secrecies, elevated blood pressure, honour and glory all in one evening.

Was l'Intendant Bastille right all along? Hat Bastille recht?, as the Germanians might inquire?
Narrator: Off to the side of the main room, we find the Gallian l'Intendant Bastille unmasked speaking quietly with a man in a black mask of imposing size and rippling energy. Steam rises from his sodden wool garments no doubt due to the inclement weather but adding a certain sense of being on fire about something. He peers at Bastille from one side of his mask.
Bastille: Execute l'plan.

Black Mask: Oui, this instant.

Narrator: The Black Mask vanishes into the night air. Moments later three rockets ascend into the night sky, explode and flare, illuminating low lying scudding clouds with intense blue light. Concurrently a flash of lightning suddenly strikes the ground nearby. A wisp of smoke and dust rise from the point of impact. No one is hurt though many are stricken with mixtures of fear, awe and amazement. Most fall to the ground in heaps. Suddenly an old woman in ragged garments walks near singularly unimpressed by the commotion disappearing into the darkness nearby.
Narrator: Out in the street we find two ladies in a state of agitated conversation.

Lady Cherish Masquerade: "Diana, this is intolerable. I am reminded of the Scandalusian nightmare of last year. Is all ruined, I mean this great party? What is it with these Frankzonians?"

Lady Diana Pettygree: "Hush. You are under orders to never speak of the Scandalusian Affair again. As for tonight, well, my particular friend, we will always have the clothing, the fun, the music, the guessing, posturings, the hair and the memories plus....Oh look! The blue flares are up. L'plan is afoot!"

CRASH!!!!!!!! BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!

A lightning bolt concurrently stikes the ground not twelve and three quarters toises away. The ladies fall to the ground in a state of shock. For a moment everything is bathed in intense white light. No doubt fiends bent on mischief or worse now fearing discovery, scuttle away.

Masquerade: "My hair ... for all love!!! My gown too! But look! It is SHE, That Old Woman, again!"

Pettygree: [Rising on one elbow pushing fallen raven black hair from her eyes, she perceives "That Old Woman" beckoning her.] "Madame, where..., how...but...why..."

That Old Woman: "I told thee afore, Germania is not for thee. Listen to me lest an odd fate captures thee." [With that she slowly circles a lowered arm upward to her right pointing down the Wurst Strasse. Pettygree turns to look and sees a man in a black mask approaching with hurried steps calling her name. He leads a magnificent black stallion. Behind him Lt. Gardier with all of his Lancers de Saxe (Pettygree's escort)gallop to a standstill around the ladies with lances pointing outwards in all directions.

Black Mask: "Madmoiselles are you all right? [They nod Oui.] Come with me this instant!"

Pettygree: "Yes, but let me speak to someone first Monsieur, if you please. But ... she is gone. Gone in an instant as has happened each time in the past."

Black Mask: "Who? There was no one here Lady Diana. Gardier, did you see someone near."

Gardier: "Oui Monsieur. I've seen her before - just one time outside the Prince de Charade's estate at the last party before the war resumed. And as before she appears, conveys some meaning to Lady Pettygree and then in an intant is gone. A mystery Monsieur."

Black Mask: "Ahem. Well. We'll discuss this another time. Meanwhile, ALL to horse and away.

Masquerade: "You see Diana, oh this infernal sturrup, she has come again to warn you. She must be your protectress."

Pettygree: Oh Cherish. When I turned to speak, she was gone - again. Impossibly gone. I am confused but glad to know for the moment we are safe. Who and what she is, is still unknown to me. Her appearance as if out of a bolt of lightning imparts the most curious and strange contemplations in my heart and mind. But for now these thoughts must rest. Monsieur! I am much obliged to you and this magnificent stallion. A Royal des Carabiniers horse blanket, if I am not mistaken, eh?"

Black Mask: "Certainment. Gardier!"

Gardier: "Oui Monsieur!"

Black Mask: "Away! At the gallop!"

Narrator: And with all that, the squadron of Lancers de Saxe gallop into the night away from the place of trouble with the two ladies, the Black Mask and Lt. Gardier in the lead. They disappear down the Wurst Strasse heading for....

August 22, 2007 2:41 PM


Stagonian Jeff said...

Yes, but what happened to Fraulein Francine Oppenkopf?

Frankfurter said...

I'm not sure ...
did she leave with the ambassador from Bologna?
Or with l'comte d'Hottatrot?
Or with the lieutenant of the Porcelain Dragoons who was relieved from further duty because of his head wound?