Monday, August 13, 2007

rehash leftovers.

Again, for those who haven't the patience to scroll long ways down ...
Frankszonia, very loosely based on Frankfurt and its environs (mostly Duchies of Hesse Darmstadt and Nasua (spelling) is an Eighteenth Century fictional duchy. It is used to provide a logical support for my home gaming with 15 mm miniatures ... mostly with Koenig's Krieg, a rules set which is hard to find, but the cryptic numbers apply to that game, number of battalions, (morale rating), number of figures actually painted.
Anyway, this country began on the SocDaisy Yahoo group, a site for folks who enjoy the zany, creative, and fun side of the hobby and spread to Old School Wargame group, where folks who like to use the classic old rules and/or concepts and insist that the game be FUN!
Then, a couple of very involved hobbyists started a fictional (hysterical) campaign of their "Gallia"(big hunk of France) and "Hesse-Seewald" fighting out with their allies all over the Saxon map. Of course, poor little Frankfurt got swallowed on the first Gallian offensive. I wrote a fun note of protest to Bill Protz, the Gallian player. Who responded by encouraging me to set up a side bar plot line in their larger game ....
Then, the whole idea of generating fictional, hysterical, quasi-historical, and often highly improbable countries gained momentum, and the Empire vs. Elector site was born simply to tease each other.
So I highly encourage you to check out the Saxon War files at Old School Wargamers as well as the blog links I've put up here ... and if you'd like to push pretty toy soldiers around in either a "serious" wargame or an opera buffe lighthearted scenario, join the fun!

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