Friday, January 15, 2010

Farces in the Field

Beerstein is engaged in a major struggle over the province of Alesgarden.
By happenstance, Frankszonia got drawn into the struggle. As we're old friends of Beerstein (as such things go in the Empire vs. Elector blog), we're obviously concentrating our southern forces (which had just had to handle a mutiny and another zombie incursion ... apparently instigated in part by Beerstein's foe as well as Stagonia) to their assistance.
Three regiments of Cavalry, eleven battalions or so of infantry, and a few guns ...

Force Commander:
* Francios l'Marquise de Hottatrot: (1 = meaning above average but not brilliant ... Hottatrot has proven that he is brave and a dynamic leader and able to function even if wounded) Lewd, plain looking but not fat; a gourmet but flatulent. Maintains a couple of ballerinas and is very keen on dance. Devil may care, reckless, audacious, etc cavalry man (though he has won his accolades with an infantry regiment he raised). Secretly fond of Rhine Wines.
Awarded the Grilled Frankfurter for his aggressive initiative and fight even though seriously wounded at the Battle of Bad Tannes ... now an initiative +1
Another tragic family secret is connected to some rumors:
a: he was born before his parents were married;
b: perhaps his real parents never did marry;
c: but his legal mom and dad dote on each other and are quite sensitive so he can't openly
research the problem ...
d: rumor also has it that his dandified legal father is more fond of young boys than girls ...
Hottatrot is also rumored to be involved with Frankszonian under the covers organs ...

* Brig. Shlidelisht: (1) An erratic cavalry genius.

* The Cellulite Cursers ... Cuirassiers; 2 x 14 figs (7) (a heavy cavalry brigade, white with blue
cuffs, etc., silver Cuirass (These are veteran fighters, the numbers meaning that there are two “regiments” of approximately 700 swords each)
* Frangipani Hussars 15 @ (7) Light cavalry, but very professional. They frequently are the quick reaction force in Frankszonia (and based on an historical Bravarian and then Austrian unit).
These Hussars are also frequently deployed as an “independent” force.

* M. Gen. General Schwann (2+ Meaning very, very good) ( a driving and romantic personality, very concerned with mobility .... his units would get the Prussian double action bonus);

Brigade BallPark
* The Baron von Ballpark (0) (a beefy fellow whom rumor has linked with the infamous Pigg
in a Blanket scandal)

(Infantry regts. = # of battalions (morale rating) and list strength (600 men for these units)

* IR Phutyl Fusils 2 x (4) x 12 (These are largely Frankszonian nationals. They are “trained” but are usually kept out of the major actions in order to watch the units which are more heavily recruited abroad)
* IR Foot Longs, 2 bats @ 12 , (5) (Black with yellow turnbacks, ?small clothes, yellow lace)
These are veterans, and possibly the most experienced unit in the Frankszonian army. They are noted for their endurance and usually pass morale checks while in action.

Brigade Rosenschnauz (brevet Brigadier)
* Oberst Rosenschnauz: (0) heavy (as in 300 lb) drinker. (He got his start as a staff officer under Gen. Ballpark. While he has performed adequately and bravely, rumor has it that his promotion is due more to his wife’s .... ah ... dedication than his own. This is intended to be his big chance to prove himself).

* IR Hottatrot 2 x (5) x 12; (Battle Honors for Bad Tannes)
Veterans, professionals, and proud of their achievements and of the ... ah ... achievements of their Inhaber ...
* IR Grinderdiers, 2 bats @ 12 figs, rate (6)
Veterans, a standing regiment of Grenadiers. They are used both as a prestige unit and as a sort of “fire brigade.” As such, the majority of the rank and file are proven but foreign men.

Independent Units:
* Jay’s Jaegers 1 x (6) x 12 Rifle armed, but very sneaky. These are proven poachers ...
* 1 battery of 12 lbr cannon
* 2 batteries of “light” cannon (4 to 6 lbrs.)
* 1 Battery of howitzers


abdul666 said...

A well-balanced force under an interesting cast of characters!

Capt Bill said...

Sir David is hope to have the Franszonian forces to muster around the City of Oldenburg to block the invaders from escaping in that direction. Good luck...

Capt Bill said...

Frankfurter, Absolutely! Feel free to join in the fun with your own proxy battle...