Monday, January 25, 2010

Watch this spot!

I've begun pulling out materials for the SemiColon Farce which Hottatrot will soon be facing.
Unfortunately, as you know, my wife and I love to generate characters for the commanders and sort of role play them during a game ... and it appears that the Coalition Commander is a mercenary whose riding on his own hype (and frankly is too busy chasing skirts to keep track of where his units really are).
Since the Coalition should have excellent intelligence about the various Baronial forces, the rolls indicate that this thrust is intended as an easy snatch while the force under General Linneblat (spelling, one of my cats keep crawling up into my arms) are tied up down south ...
How little do they know ... even though they have at least two battalions of Grenz, these guys aren't ready for Jay's Jaegers in the hills outside of Oldenburg!

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