Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Farces of the Semi Colon army

(this is a major amplification of earlier material)

The SemiColon Farces
Given that I've inveggled an invitation to play a proxy game with my farces near Oldendburg in the Alesgarden affair, I have to think up the enemy. Now the leaders of the Colon armies are brand name whiskeys, it seems. These days, the wife and I drink very, very little, so instead of brand names, I've focused on associated terms ...:)

Coalition of Colon
(Analyzed under the affluence of inkohol ....)

Co: Lt. General “Der Alte” Kroak

Sub Commanders: Major General d’Styll & Graf v. Ginnheim

d’Styll’s Command:

Cavalry: General Moenshein
CR Das Stiffs 1 X 14 @ (7) {Cuirassiers}
CR Talleine 1 x 14 @ (7) {Cuirassiers}

* Brigadier Brandett
IR “Inflexibles” 2 x 12 figs @ (5 morale) {+close order drill}
IR Furst Run 1 x 12 figs @ (4) (+drill}
* Inhaber V. Trink
IR v. Trink’s Frei Korps 2 x 12 figs @ (4) {Light Infantry}
IR “Die Alte Vinters” 1 x 12 figs @ (3) {militia}

1 battery light guns
1 battery 12 lbrs.

v. Ginnheim’s Command

Cavalry: Brigadier Passout
DR Schotzglas 1 x 14 @ (6) {dragoons}
DR Passout 1 x 14 @ (6) {dragoons}

*Brigadier Glasserstein
IR “Alte Still” 2 x 12 figs @ (4)
IR Wagnerein 1 x 12 figs @ (3) {militia}
*Brigade Taunjck
Oberst Taunjck
1st - 3rd Grenz 3 x 12 figs @ (4) {Light Inf}

1 battery howitzers

Of course, it might help to re-introduce these valiant gentlement who will be commanding the patriotic (if mostly foreign) farce of the foe ....

The Semi Colon Army Command

Frankly Phonies

Major General d’Styll (a steamy character)
Brigadier Passout (very unperturbable)
l’Comte Bourbons (ostentatious but smooth)
Brigadier Brandett (pronounced “Brandy” of course, can sneak up on you)

Die Deutsche Marks

*Lt. General “Der Alte” Kroak (who moans that the great old troops are nevermore)
Has been hired on basis of his glittering resume (gilt paper costs a lot.).
The resume lists the following:
his outstanding achievements in training infantry (he sponsored a good drill team);
His successful governorship of Fort Kleine Bubbles at Glashaus (little bubbles in the glass ... what actually happened was his fastidious obsession with appearance caused the fort to be so clean that local epidemics never had a chance);
His partnership with several other noted leaders (he served as an aide-de-camp during peacetime).
* Brigadier Glasserstein (lacks initiative but takes orders well)
* General Moenshein (a very bright leader)
* Graf v. Ginnheim (a refugee from Frankszonian Imperialism)
* Commander of the Grenz: Oberst Taunjck (pronounced “tonic” ... is a great friend of V. Ginnheim)

The Britischerwurst

General Cooper (likes to keep things closed up)
Brigadier Juggers (Commands the 1/5th Dragoons)
General Mash (known for his sour disposition)
General Charles Coel (diplomatic and known for smoothing things out ....)

Intelligence services lead by the Margravaine Inebria


Capt Bill said...

Sounds like a soddenly lot, but hopefully should provide you with an entertaining affair...

Archduke Piccolo said...

They sound very merry, to my mind! Reminds me of Marshal Dubonnet's Corps d'Armee, with division Commanders Cabernet-Sauvignon, Morlot, and Beaujolais.
They are emgaged at the moment in a logical campaign set in Germany 1813. The "Berlin Blatter" - a popular journal of the time - is about to publish a correspondent's account of the opening moves of the campaign...

Frankfurter said...

Be sure to post a nice link to the Berlin Blatter ...
Which should dovetail nicely into the Barline Blotter ... or is that Blotto?