Sunday, January 17, 2010

The SemiColon Farces

Given that I've inveggled an invitation to play a proxy game with my farces near Oldendburg in the Alesgarden affair, I figured I'd have to think up the enemy. Now the Kingdom of Beerstein sees all the leaders of the Colon armies as brand name whiskeys, it seems. These days, the wife and I drink very, very little, so instead of brand names, I've focused on associated terms ...

Coalition of Colon
Analyzed under the affluence of inkohol ....

The Semi Colon Army Command

Frankly Phonies

Major General d’Styll (a steamy character)
Brigadier Passout (very unperturbable)
l’Comte Bourbons (ostentatious but smooth)
Brigadier Brandett (pronounced “Brandy” of course, can sneak up on you)

Die Deutsche Marks

Lt. General “Der Alte” Kroak (who moans that the great old troops are nevermore)
Brigadier Glasserstein (lacks initiative but takes orders well)
General Moenshein (a very bright leader)
Graf v. Ginnheim (a refugee from Frankszonian Imperialism)

The Britischerwurst

General Cooper (likes to keep things closed up)
Brigadier Juggers (Commands the 1/5th Dragoons)
General Mash (known for his sour disposition)
General Charles Coel (diplomatic and known for smoothing things out ....)

Commander of the Grenz: Oberst Taunjck (pronounced “tonic” ... is a great friend of V. Ginnheim)

Intelligence services lead by the Margravaine Inebria


Capt Bill said...

With that cask anything can happen..

David said...

:-) Like it...



abdul666 said...

A picaresque cast -promising!