Tuesday, January 26, 2010

That Commander of the Coalition farces ...

Lt. General “Der Alte” Kroak (who moans that the great old troops are nevermore)
Has been hired on basis of his glittering resume (gilt paper costs a lot.).
The resume lists the following:
his outstanding achievements in training infantry (he sponsored a good drill team);
His successful governorship of Fort Kleine Bubbles at Glashaus (little bubbles in the glass ... what actually happened was his fastidious obsession with appearance caused the fort to be so clean that local epidemics never had a chance);
His partnership with several other noted leaders (he served as an aide-de-camp during peacetime).

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Capt Bill said...

Just checked my site and found your entries. Please feel free to use any part of the Colon farces that will make a fun event for yourself. I eagerly await your adventure...