Sunday, January 31, 2010

First Blood in the Colon ....

First Blood ... OdenWald, near Rabach

First of all, I didn’t know which part of the Covenant army was facing Gen. Linnenblatt, so I took my farcical Order of Battle down there. Also, it was the first time in months that Edie had handled a camera (we’re snowed in, so it’ll be a couple of weeks). So I set this up as a preliminary skirmish using B.A.R. rules and a few of my Revell and Minden miniatures.

I had Oberst Taunjk leading his Grenzers supported by some grenadier companies through the Waldenburg to judge the practicality of the route (the main highway today).
The objective of General Hottatrot was to convince the Coalition that it needed the more open terrain of the more northern routes. So he took Jay’s Jaegers, the Frankgipani Hussars, and a battalion of his own Hottatrot Musketeers.

Hottatrot attempted to ambush Taunjk at a large estate north east of Rabach. Taunjk, however, halfway spotted the ambush and spread his grenzers out in a wide line and advanced. His forces had not spotted Jay’s Jaegers back in the woods and behind a ridge line until too late (happy card draw). The hussars had managed their fake flight without problem because the battalion coming down the road behind them had spotted the battalion guns at the estate.

Jay’s Jaeger’s eventually overwhelmed the battalion facing them, while the Hottatrot battalion, though badly shot up (the gun crew devastated) managed to hold on. Taunjk was regathering his own companies when he saw the Hussars returning to the field and withdrew behind the company of grenadiers.

Lessons learned,
1: even with just 24 man battalions, my little game board is not big enough to handle BAR.
2: Yes, one can forget almost everything one has read in the rule book in two weeks.
3: the card draw initiative creates some of the surprise of K.K.’s initiative rules (which I like, especially for solo play).
4: In spite of constant vigilance, the cats still managed to destroy one of my very rare Giant of Hong Kong Hessian Grenadiers (only have @ 6 left ... groan, gnashing of teeth).

The Farces of the Covenant of Colon are now approaching from the east via Radheim. There has been patrol contact at Hausenhof.
Hottatrot’s subordinates and staff are urging him to advance to the stream and gully from Gruenheckerhof to Eulheckerhof to exploit the forested rough ground on both flanks. Hottatrot has opposed this, however, and has elected to remain a Klein Umstadt and hopefully to engage the Colon forces before Sonnenhof.
His reasoning is that the forward position would enable the opposing army to also hold its ground without trouble, and even to mask a wide flanking movement to the north. At Sonnenhof, there is also a stream, though with two bridges and fordable for the length it is less of an obstacle. Hence, he hopes to draw the large Colon forces onto his own position in such a manner that his superior troops can exploit the open terrain to defeat them. Furhter, the rise from that stream to Klien Umstadt should enable him to spot any flanking maneuver in time to exploit the inevitable weakness this would cause to the Coalition forces.


Capt Bill said...

Let the games begin!!!

Martin said...

Trust the iron dice of battle! Good luck to the Colonistas!

Archduke Piccolo said...

The cat still lives? Oh, yeah, the nine lives gig. Bummer. Isn't it astonishing how any given cat will find its own unique way to p-- ...erm ... to cause felicidal thoughts to enter one's head.
Cheers - and commiserations,

Fitz-Badger said...

Lesson 1 is why I've reduced the size of my units (although I'm not playing BAR)
Lesson 2 is why I keep looking for very simple rules

Looking forward to pics! :)

Frankfurter said...

Problem is that due to the snow storm, we've had ALL the semi feral cats inside. We still have over a foot on the ground three days later. Only one outside now ... so the problem is, since I didn't catch the fur ball in action, I don't know which one to stomach pump! And the piece being old, old plastic anyway ... (sigh)